Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do When Dealing with Removalists

Blog / Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do When Dealing with Removalists

If you are in the process of relocating, there are several ways to make such a shift more manageable. Nowadays, people are looking at the most convenient and efficient way of doing things. Even if it would cost them more money, they are willing to spend more if that would mean peace of mind.

As we all know, moving has a lot of components. It can be emotional as leaving behind a home or an office you already have gotten used to. This also means that there are people whom you will not regularly see anymore.

Aside from this, another tricky aspect here is the overwhelming task of moving everything you own to a new location. It would be best to sort all the things you have acquired through the years. It means deciding which ones to keep and which items to throw away. Another task would be to pack all of them in boxes. All of these are not easy.

Advantages of hiring removalists

That’s why it would help you a lot if you would hire professional removalists to help you. It would be best to just divert your energy and attention to adjusting to your situation rather than on packing and unpacking.

If you choose the right removal companies, they can take a lot of stress away from you. Sure, you still need to arrange some things. But at least you will have experts helping you make things more convenient.

Think about it. If you do it yourself, would you be able to carry heavy stuff? If you enlist your friends to help you, are they equipped to handle different kinds of furniture? If they break something, what will happen then? 

You also have to factor in the idea that accidents can happen. Moving can be dangerous as it involves big and heavy furniture. For sure, you do not want you or your friends to get injured in the process.

When you hire professionals, they know how to handle all of these things. They even know what to do during unfavourable weather conditions. Because of their experience, they can better plan and execute all aspects of your move.

When you solicit the help of removalists, it will save you time. They can help you pack and unpack all of your household or office items. These experts also know how to pack all kinds of stuff, even odd-shaped furniture. You can trust them to handle your furniture with care.

What to do, what not to do

Of course, there still are critical dos and don’ts that you need to be aware of when you deal with them. Here are a few of them:

Do your research. 

Knowledge is power even in the process of relocating. The more you know, the more you will protect yourself from companies and individuals who want to take advantage of unsuspecting customers.

Before deciding on a removalist to hire, you must know a great deal about them. 

First, check what kind of services it offers. Some provide minimal help, while others can help you from planning, packing, and up until you arrange your furniture in your new place. A lot will depend on your preference and budget.

Some add-ons will prove to be helpful for you as a customer. Will the company provide insurance? What kinds of things will it cover, and under what circumstances? Before agreeing to specific terms, make sure you see the paperwork to check the details for yourself.

Second, find out how previous subscribers rate their services. Often, marketing pitches will promise you the moon and the stars. But the proof is in the experiences of actual customers.

It would help to check organic comments from reviews on their social media pages. These will provide honest assessments of the company to decide if you want to hire them or not. Try to look at the identity of the commenters as well to ensure these are real people and not just paid bots.

Don’t rush.

Sometimes, moving is a sudden decision, and there isn’t much time to plan. But rushing this process will double the stress and hassle. So as much as you can, try to plan things in advance.

Do ask the right questions. 

Before talking to potential removalists, have a list of questions ready. Ask them about all the details you can think of. Remember, you are hiring a service provider, so they will not mind if you have many questions.

Don’t rely on verbal agreements.

A written contract is not just a piece of paper. It also serves as a guarantee for your protection should things go south. Always ask for documentation and have them sign the terms and conditions.

Do a thorough accounting of your stuff.

Since you will be entrusting your property to other people, it will benefit you if you have a list of your items. If you can take a photo inventory, it will be better to determine if some things have been damaged.

Don’t just decide based on the price. 

Finally, affordability does not always equate to quality. Yes, the price is a significant consideration. But you also need to factor in customer feedback, range of services, equipment and tools, among others.

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