Why use an office removals specialist?

Blog / Why use an office removals specialist?

Congratulations! Your business is growing!

Every startup owner will eventually realise there is no way to go but up. You’ll get to a point where you’ll have to hire more people, purchase better equipment, and move to a bigger space.

That is where we come in. We want to be a part of your upward progress by taking the stress of office relocation off your hands.

Why hire us? Why would you need to hire specialists when you and your own staff can do the relocating on your own? 

But continue to read to find out exactly how we can help.

At least once in your life, you might have experienced how difficult it was to move to a new house. You had to pack everything carefully, transport them, and then unpack them right away. You had to keep track of what goes out and goes in. In addition, it does not stop at the unpacking.

You have to put everything back to where they were, or at least to how it was back in the old home. You’ll experience a wide range of emotions including confusion, exhaustion, and frustration.

Running a company is already a gargantuan task. Keeping the daily operations running smoothly is integral in making sure that your company stays profitable. How can you even consider taking on managing a relocation while simultaneously keeping the cogs of your business running?

That is exactly why you need professionals for office removals in Perth.

Need more convincing?  Here are five reasons why you need to hire professionals when moving to a new office space.

Reliability and Expertise

Professional removalists can handle everything. They know their way around offices and are aware of the fixtures they need to move out first, the equipment they need to disconnect, and the fragile instruments they need to pack carefully. You would not want just anyone handling vital documents, would you? Professionals can have specific instructions on handling documents with sensitive company information.

Our removalist experts at Adlam Transport have 60 years of combined experience in moving office equipment, furniture, and documents both in Perth and across Australia. They have extensive industry knowledge in business relocation with proven records in punctuality and budget management.

Convenient and Stress-free

Large businesses need complex and staggered moving plans. Professional moving teams can break down the process for you without using up your own company’s resources, time, and labour. They can analyze your company’s current situation and create an efficient moving schedule. You do not have to worry about reorganizing everything once you get to your new workplace. Professional removalists can work around your processes and your available space so that you can move into your new office as if you never left the old one.

Adlam Transports’ professional office removalists conduct surveys to understand your business needs before they give you quotes. We set expectations properly so that you can prepare when to head out to your new office spaces and let your workforce acclimate to their environment, without the headache of coming to a disorganized office.       

Continued Operation

Profits and revenues are a company’s lifeblood. Downtime can be costly to a company and professional moving companies understand this. Professional movers can work around your schedule to ensure that company operations continue unaffected to prevent disruptions while the relocation happens. Your staff will not have to drop everything else to pack their office equipment frantically in the last minute. Professional movers can work in the background and keep the moving process hassle-free while life goes on in your business.

We are fully aware of how downtimes affect operational costs. Thus, we developed office relocation solutions to keep your businesses running smoothly while we do the removals for you. We have well trained professional removalists at Adlam Transport who can work within your schedule to keep downtimes at absolute minimums.

Organization and Quickness

A business’ success revolves around time and efficiency. Office removal companies developed techniques to divide the relocation process into several stages to ensure quick yet safe transport. From pre-packing, large-scale delivery, to unpacking, specialists can coordinate the entire relocation process to ensure that relocations stay within schedule.

At Adlam transport, we take it to the next level. We have a fleet of 10 fully-equipped trucks, fitted with ramps and tail lifts for easy loading, transport, and unloading. A fleet with such size means that we can transport any item of size and weight. We can safely deliver your office furniture within Perth and even across Australia.

Insurance and Safety

Disaster strikes when you least expect it, even during a moving process. Working with a professional removalist company can make it easier for you to obtain mover’s insurance and abate potential damage on office property. In addition, you are keeping your employees away from risks when you let professionals handle the relocations. Employee morale would not have to suffer since they do not have to add “mover” to their job descriptions.

At Adlam Transport, not only are your items insured, our fleet of trucks are equipped with GPS tracking so that you can monitor the cargo anytime. We are mindful of sensitive equipment such as servers, computers, and other electronic devices and we take adequate measures to ensure that they arrive at their destinations free of damage. We will take care of the heavy lifting for you while you and your employees settle in to your new office space.

Experience hassle-free office relocation from the most reputable office removal company in Perth. Contact us today at Adlam Transport for a free quote. Our specialists are always ready to help you.