Top Obstacles to Office Relocation

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You’ve got your plans, colour-coded notepads, and colleagues ready to pitch in. You contacted the utility companies, and you’ve already donated a significant amount of your unwanted stuff. You’re hoping for a smooth transition when the big day arrives. Goodbye, old office. Hello, new working environment!

Unfortunately, unexpected events might still occur and ruin your relocation day. Don’t fret. We have a list of some of the most prevalent problems when moving, so you may potentially avoid them. It will be helpful also, so you know how to address them if they occur. Don’t be concerned; you’ll get through it!

  1. Time issues

Packing always seems to take longer than anyone anticipates. Hopefully, you’ve prepared a relocation checklist with a timeframe to help you remain on track. But unexpected events can cause delays or add additional items to your list.

Try to stay on schedule or possibly earlier to avoid a last-minute moving day time pressure. Still looking down Moving Day while sitting amidst heaps of unpacked belongings? Consider contacting your removalists and seek packing assistance. It will cost you more money, but it will spare you the trouble and expense of having to reschedule the transfer entirely.

  1. Furniture size issues

If your transport partner says your furniture will not fit without causing severe damage, you have several options.

First and foremost, can the furniture be disassembled? This could include removing sofa feet or desk legs, which can provide you with the extra inches you require. Similarly, pulling the door off its hinges may also give the movers a few centimetres of extra space to slide the door through.

  1. Friends and family issues on moving day

Your siblings are nice, but they aren’t the most reliable when it comes to this. DIY transfers may appear to be a cost-effective option at first, but they might become more of a hassle than they are worth. Moving day can be made significantly more difficult by organizing everyone, working with everyone’s viewpoints, and dealing with a family member’s terrible back.

If you want to prevent family moving troubles, do yourself a favour and employ the services of expert movers. They won’t dispute with you over minor matters, and that in itself is worth the additional cost.

  1. Mover preference issues

Many movers are not equipped to transport more delicate items such as paintings, vintage items, wine bottles, or other artwork. So, while you’re looking for moving quotes, make sure to ask about these particular abilities and gear if you know you’ll need them.

Before moving day, look at the items that moving firms will not move and make sure you don’t have any of them lined up ready. Power equipment and dangerous materials cannot be transported in a moving truck.

  1. Weather issues

Moving to a new office cannot be weather-dependent, and no one can forecast the weather when you schedule your movers. Moving problems caused by bad weather are never pleasant, but they can be overcome with a bit of creativity.

If you are relocating in severe rain, gather things to cover the floors in your office entryways, such as moving sheets or tarps. Purchase many huge garbage bags, and then arrange for the moving truck to arrive as near to your workspace as possible.

Take care of the family and the removalists if the day will be really hot. Prepare plenty of water, and take breaks to rest in the shade. If your children or pets will be present while you pack, clear out one area where air conditioning or fans may be turned on to keep them cool.

Snow is an entirely different animal. If your move is only across the city, you may still be able to manage things. If you’re planning a long-distance relocation and the roads are in poor condition, your mover may choose to reschedule your move at no cost to you. It’s better to be safe than sorry if that’s an option.

  1. Mover last-minute issues 

Of course, there are different levels of untrustworthy movers. There are those that notify you that something is creating a delay and that they will be late. Some simply disappear even if you communicated with them just earlier.

The easiest way to avoid hiring untrustworthy movers is to employ vetted, trustworthy movers and compare quotes from several providers. It usually doesn’t take long for a firm with a record of no-shows to receive some critical online reviews, so keep an eye out.

And if you find yourself confronted with an unlucky no-show, there are a few things you can do right away:

  • Don’t hesitate to call them! Make sure you have your movers’ phone number readily available on moving day. They could have had a legitimate reason for not showing up, or there could have been confusion.
  • It is time to triage if the company does not return your calls after a few attempts. You may just file a complaint afterwards.
  • Look online for last-minute moving firms if your schedule requires you to leave right away. Another option is to select removalists that can move you within the following several days if you have a bit more wiggle room.

Overall, with proper planning, most relocation issues may be avoided. But we’re crossing our fingers that your moving date goes off without a hitch. Try Adlam Transport if you are looking for the best office removals company in Perth. Customers highly recommend them because of their service.