This is How to Gracefully Move Out of a Share House

Blog / This is How to Gracefully Move Out of a Share House

Share homes are rental properties featuring communal spaces distinct from your own room. When compared to normal rental flats, share homes offer cheaper upfront and monthly expenditures, and one may live very well in them.

While it initially seems fun and exciting to live with several people, moving out may feel like breaking up with a long-term boyfriend. In this article, the leading removalists in Perth are going to offer you some tips and tricks you can apply before finally departing from your share home.

It is crucial to communicate.

We cannot deny how difficult and awkward it can get to tell your housemates you’re leaving. According to general etiquette, the most courteous way to convey terrible news is face-to-face. However, if you don’t think that will work with your current situation, for whatever reason, you can break the news via text.

You should at least provide a month’s notice. Also, try to communicate as best as you can why you are moving out. If you truly want to depart gracefully, handle the discussion as you would talk with a nice date you’ve chosen to simply be friends with.


Settle the bills. 

Next, you will also have to evaluate what bills you will have to pay when you go. In this case, all overdue bills, including internet, electricity, gas, and water, should be divided. If you haven’t yet reached the end of your billing month, use a prior statement as a guide and divide the amount by the number of days invoiced, then multiply by the number of outstanding days. This is an act of basic courtesy and respect for the people you have previously lived with.

Clean your area.

You should not be that person who waits until the last minute to pack and then runs out of time to clean and escapes into the night, leaving nothing but a messy area. If you are really set on leaving your share house, at least tidy up your room. Also, you should think about cleaning the kitchen, washing the dishes, and wiping the table. Before leaving, you should also make sure that there is no hair in the bathroom drain. While you are at it, open the rusty windows and clean the mirrors. This is only to show your housemates that you care one final time. In return, you will not be remembered as the messy flatmate who decided to leave the home unorganised and dirty.

Clean your area

Stealing is never acceptable.

It does not matter how awful things were inside the house; you should never end up taking some of your housemates’ belongings with you when you move out. Keep your hands off the outstanding figurine collection, gleaming jewels, and even vintage clothes if you want to go graciously.

Take everything with you. 

This is the moment to get rid of extraneous items and baggage. Discard whatever you don’t need or won’t utilize. This will improve cleanliness as you settle into your new digs. It will also make it easier for you to move and arrange your belongings.

While it may seem thoughtful to leave some things behind, do not intentionally leave a bunch of worthless junk just because you don’t want to take it with you. This includes old, worn out, and unusable clothes, stuffed toys, accessories, and more.

Allow your roommates to have some space.

In certain cases, housemates may not accept the news as well as you would like. In the same way that you should give them some time to process the news that you are leaving the house, you should also give them some time before even proposing the idea of them finding someone to replace you.


Be willing to help look for a replacement.

When you believe they have finally accepted your decision to go, you may bring up the topic of looking for a replacement. You may assist by spreading the word about the room on Facebook and Twitter, asking friends about mutual acquaintances, and recommending people you believe would be trustworthy. However, even if circumstances are urgent, don’t put them in touch with someone who is a notoriously terrible flatmate.

Willing to help look for a replacement.

Be careful not to be overly personal.

While things might become quite hectic and emotional, you should always leave your housemates smiling. Even if you’re leaving because your flatmates are driving you nuts, there is no need to be too harsh on them. Furthermore, most difficulties may be handled by talking and being honest with each other.

Pack your things well.

After everything is said and done, you should not be too concerned about leaving your flatmates. Instead, consider how you will efficiently pack and remove all of your belongings from the shared residence. This involves ensuring that you have extra boxes, packaging tape, protective wrapping, and other supplies. Also, try not to bother your flatmates too much with your packing. Rather, make a conscious decision to accomplish things as quietly and smoothly as possible.

Be more intentional. 

You should also think about how some of your old housemates will become your buddies for life. Considering everything you have been through, you should be more intentional about leaving on a good note. You may meet them sometime in the future and become good friends. In any case, it is always best to keep things cheerful and dignified.

Final words

Moving into a shared house can be an exciting and fun time. Many people, however, find it to be an unpleasant experience. Regardless of whether you have made friends with your flatmates or want to move on with your life, you should always leave with respect, grace, and courtesy.