The Six Supplies You Need to Maximize Moving in 2021

Blog / The Six Supplies You Need to Maximize Moving in 2021

Even the smallest details in packing should not be overlooked. Moreover, the importance of proper packing cannot be overstated. If you pack too many things with insufficient storage space, the outcome will turn out to be a disaster. Similarly, if you utilize too many boxes with too few items, you will wind up paying more costs than necessary. For an accurate quote, please get in touch with Adlam Transport, the leading removalist in Perth, WA.

You will need a lot of things when preparing for a move and on moving day. Moreover, regardless of the volume of your possessions, here are the supplies you will need for a successful packing and moving process: 

#1 Boxes 

While moving can sometimes be an exciting experience, putting all of your possessions into boxes is a time-consuming chore. There is a unique box for every shape and size. Moreover, it would help if you put a lot more effort and thought into selecting the right boxes to maximize the storage space. Although cardboard boxes are typically classified as small, medium, or big, there is a wide variety of specialized boxes that can hold any item. 

#2 Safety Wraps 

Now that you have your moving boxes, you do not want to just toss everything in them. Furthermore, to protect fragile things like your delicate kitchenware, furniture, etc. the following are wraps you can use: 

  1. Bubble wraps: We are all aware of the primary use of bubble wraps, but there are still some of us who do know how to use them properly. To give the most protection, the bubbles should face your object. You may also use bubble wrap to fill up gaps inside boxes to keep them from moving.
  2. Packing paper: Packing paper is known to be one of the most cost-effective and practical methods to preserve your belongings. Everything from mugs to your books, this material is effective in keeping the surface scratch-free. 

Furthermore, you do not need to purchase a specific wrap for each material you have. Instead, have at least one roll on hand to safeguard all your belongings.

  1. Blankets: When moving, you should also know about moving blankets. These are heavy-duty fabric covers used to protect furniture, appliances, and other sizable items. The primary purpose of these materials is to absorb impact and shield whatever they are covering. Before purchasing, you have to choose between cotton, polyester, or a mix of the two.

 Protective Furniture Covers

Just like your fragile dinnerware, you should also treat your furniture with the same amount of caution. Especially when dealing with wood upholstered furniture that can be torn or scratched, you need to make sure that they are safe throughout each stage of your relocation. 

Moreover, it would be best if you protected these valuables by wrapping them with furniture covers. These materials will ascertain that the legs of your furniture and chair, as well as their covering, will be handled with utter care. You can either wrap them yourself, but it is advisable to hire professional movers so that all curves and edges will be accounted for. 

#3 Packing Tape

Cheap tape is too thin to secure your boxes, so it will only cause you more damages and inconveniences. While it may be tempting to opt for the most affordable packing tape in the store, we strongly advise you to invest a few dollars in quality and more durable adhesives. This way, you are sure to avoid spills and expensive breakage.

#4 Toolboxes 

Go through your belongings and gather all your power tools so you can store them in a single toolbox. One of the most beneficial aspects of having power tools while relocating is that you can repair and repurpose objects that are no longer functional. Moreover, toolboxes are the only way to store heavy and bulky items like drills, jigsaws, and screwdrivers. In addition, it will be easier for you to locate and carry them. 

#5 Ropes 

Ropes are generally used for various purposes during a move, from tying various goods together to attaching large items onto a vehicle. Moreover, you should always have them whenever you are moving, as they can come in handy when ensuring that your possessions won’t move and bump into each other inside the truck. Also, they are helpful when safeguarding all your boxes and expensive appliances. 

#6 Markers 

When moving your possessions, you should always label them for easier identification and transit. While utilizing whatever marker pens available can work, it is still ideal to purchase a set of high-quality markers. This way, the labels will be easier to read and will not get smeared or wiped away. Furthermore, you should use at least five colours for this purpose. You can sort and identify your belongings according to clothes, decorations, shoes, computer devices, etc. This will also help notify your movers on which boxes carry the most delicate items to prevent damages. 

Once you are already nearing the faithful moving day, you should also remember to leave your home clean to show basic courtesy. Also, this is the time to attend to important matters like confirming the vehicle you will be using to move. On top of that, you should have already established the budget to pay for the professional packers and movers if you plan on hiring them. If you have decided to move via road with your own car, you should manage the costs for gas and snacks along the way.