The role of furniture removalists in long-distance moves

Blog / The role of furniture removalists in long-distance moves

When removals become long-distance, it becomes a whole different ball game. There are logistics and unknown obstacles to overcome that you wouldn’t get moving across town. Long-distance removalist services are designed to make an enormous move as easy as possible. They don’t just move things from one place to the other. They offer specialist teams to ensure your goods are transported as efficiently and safely as possible. Hiring a long-distance removalist is undoubtedly worthwhile, whether it is to move home, office, or commercial space.

So what are long-distance removalists, and what can they offer?

As we mentioned, long-distance removalist jobs aren’t limited to simply moving your goods around. They will take care of the logistics, offer specialist services, pack and unpack goods, load and unload them, and offer storage if necessary. Let’s take a closer look at what all of this entails.

Packing and unpacking – You may want to do this yourself if you are moving into a new home, but this is one of the useful services offered when hiring long-distance removalists. Not only will they pack and unpack your items, but they will also ensure that the proper packaging is used to keep everything safe during transit.

Taking care of logistics – The stress of moving is taken out when someone is dealing with all of the other logistics. For example, if you are moving across Western Australia, there is a lot to consider. Hiring the right team will ensure your goods are precisely where you want them when you want them. Then, with someone else taking care of all the thinking, all you need to think about is packing a small bag to see you through the duration of the move and arriving at your new home with your belongings already there.

Specialist removals – We all know someone who has put their back out moving a piece of furniture. This is because it takes training and experience to understand how to do this correctly. With long-distance removalists, the worry of this is taken away. You can have a team who knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to moving heavy loads and large pieces of furniture, so nobody gets hurt.

Storage – If there is a transition time between moving from one place to the next, long-distance removalists can offer a safe facility to store all of your items until your new home is ready. Sometimes the timing of moving house just doesn’t add up, so this is another stress that can be taken off your hands so you can make the most of having a few free days.

Insurance – Although long-distance removalists know precisely what they are doing, this doesn’t eliminate all risks when your belongings are being transported cross-country. Thankfully, long-distance removalists are insured, and you will be able to protect your items while they are in transit.

Services other than home moves – As well as moving house, long-distance removalists can also move entire offices or commercial properties if a business is changing location. They can gut an entire property, and everything is set up and ready to go by the time you arrive at the new one. This is an incredible way for a business to save money when moving location.

What are the benefits of using long-distance removalists?

When you realise the benefits of using long-distance removalists, it makes it obvious why it is a top choice for many people, families, and businesses.

Making your life easy – The biggest perk is the ease of not having to do it yourself or ask various friends or companies to lend a hand. Having one company that knows what they’re doing is sure to be as stress-free as possible.

Saving time and money – Hiring one company to do such a big job is actually far more cost-effective than trying to do it yourself, and when you’ve paid the fee, that’s it! No more hidden costs beyond the initial agreement.

Peace of mind – Your belongings will be handled by experienced professionals who know exactly what they are doing. On top of this, your goods will be insured, so if anything did happen, they could easily be replaced.

A skilled team at your fingertips – You will have a group of people who understand how delicate your items of furniture and household goods actually are. They will be familiar with long-distance removals and will take the time to make sure everything is packed, unpacked, loaded, and unloaded how it should be. With a great team, there is far less room for error.

Safe and secure storage during transportation – A company that is equipped to deal with long-distance removals will have all of the necessary storage solutions, packaging, and facilities to make sure your goods arrive in one piece.

Reliability – You can rely on an experienced company to do the job correctly. If you are relying on a man with a van or your friends, this is when things might start to go wrong with your big move.

Availability – Depending on the size of the company, they are more likely to be available at the exact time you need them for the big move. It can be difficult to find this convenience elsewhere.

Excellent customer services – If you have any questions, you will have a team of people you can call to put your mind at ease. This also comes in useful if you have had any last-minute delays or changes of plans. It is incredible what an excellent communicative network can do.

Have you got a big move planned?

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