The risk of moving furniture without professional assistance

Blog / The risk of moving furniture without professional assistance

When it comes to moving furniture from one location to another, it can be a lot trickier than it might seem at first. Here at Adlam Transport, we sat down to discuss the risk of moving furniture without professional assistance and we found some fairly obvious advantages and disadvantages. Of course, it’s cheaper to go it alone but the risk of damaging your belongings or injuring yourself is very real. In a nutshell, we all agreed that it simply wasn’t worth the risk, but we will share with you the honest pros and cons that we were able to brainstorm. We have also added some safety tips for furniture moving should you remain unconvinced. 

Advantages of moving without professional assistance 

  • Cost

If you can get a group of people together and move your objects and furniture yourselves, you can save the cost of paying professionals to do it for you. But consider this:

Many insurance companies will take a dim view of claims made because you tried to carry expensive things without help and they were damaged. If someone is injured, the medical costs or loss of earnings are potentially catastrophic compared to the reasonable fees of a company like Adlam Transport.

  • Flexibility

When you alone dictate the time and date of your move, it gives you the freedom to tackle it incrementally or at the pace that suits you best. 

Disadvantages of moving without professional assistance

  • Time

It is time-consuming to organise and execute a successful move if you are not accustomed to it. Professionals get the job done efficiently and expediently. 

  • Stress

It is anecdotally the ‘second most stressful thing that you can do after getting divorced’ to move house, and that’s when you’ve got someone helping out. To do it alone is a task that will push your levels of stress through the roof if you are not prepared. 

  • Risk of injury and destruction of property

You are significantly increasing the risk that you will damage your property or yourself by tackling the move alone. However, if you are adamant that you do not need professional help, here are some recommendations to remain as safe as possible.

Safety tips for furniture moving

The risk of moving furniture without professional assistance is not just one that can result in damage to your possessions during the process of moving them incorrectly. It is also highly likely that you will injure yourself if you are not aware of the methods and principles behind lifting and moving heavy things safely. Here are some safety tips for furniture moving to help you get through the move safely and without injury or incident:

  • Bend your knees and lift with your legs

We’ve probably all heard this tip before, but there’s a good reason for that as it happens to be true. If you bend over and lift using your back, the chances of hurting yourself are significant. Almost 75% of all adults have lower back pain at some point in their lives and you do not want to cause or exacerbate it. 

It is essential to lift using the strongest muscles that you have – your legs. If you are able to use a weight-lifting belt to secure your back then do so, they are designed specifically to prevent the exact type of back injury you will experience if you lift something heavy incorrectly. 

  • Wear gloves and steel-toe-capped boots with a good grip

Slipping, or dropping the object you’re attempting to move is a very real risk. Once the weight of something is fully in your hands, they can quickly become fatigued and painful. Gloves will help to protect you from this and those steel toe-caps are a life-saver if you lose your grip. The pain involved in crushing your foot is not one that we would wish on anybody.

  • Use appropriate equipment to help if available

From trolleys, carts and dollies, to wheeled platforms, pallet trucks and forklifts. If it’s available and it can be safely employed in the move then all the better. If you are unfamiliar with the equipment, find somebody who can help instruct you on how to use it safely. 

Use straps to secure doors and panels that can swing or fall, take your time and check everything before you start. It is so easy to make a mistake and destroy your furniture or hurt yourself.

  • Plan your route and accept your limitations

Some things look easy enough to move and the temptation is to give it a go and just hope for the best. A recipe for disaster if ever there was one and you do not want to conclude that you have bitten off more than you can chew at a crucial moment as it will already be too late. 

Walk the path you will take from location to transport and look for potential obstacles and problem areas. Discuss them with your team and how you will handle them, even down to who will be holding each end of larger objects. Be sensible and accept when you are out of your depth.

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