The Challenges of Moving Interstate and How to Best Address Them

Blog / The Challenges of Moving Interstate and How to Best Address Them

Moving can be a stressful undertaking, especially if you’re journeying thousands of miles to your new destination. The thought of moving from city to city is already a difficult task — what more when you’re moving across the border! An interstate move comes with its own unique challenges and homeowners may find it a bit daunting at first. Thankfully, there are a couple of things you can do to prepare yourself and make the entire move a bit more manageable. Here are the challenges of moving interstate and how to tackle them effectively.

  1. Finding a new home

Finding a new one is often the biggest hurdle people face when moving interstate. This is due to the sheer distance that makes it difficult to buy the right house. Your best bet would be to visit the home in person instead of relying on the photos in online listings. If this is not feasible, you can ask the help of family members or friends who live near the area you’re looking to move into. Provide them with a complete list of your budget and preferences and allow them to scan the property for you.

Moving Interstate


You can also choose to rent the house instead of buying it immediately. The reason being is to get a feel for the land first and see if it’s the perfect place for you to settle down. Take note of real estate regulations in the area as well because renting periods, advance payments, and bond amounts may vary depending on your location.

  1. Long drives

On average, an interstate move will take at least a week to complete. This means you’ll be behind the wheel for hours upon hours before arriving at the intended destination. Preparation is key when tackling long drives so you want to make sure you’re physically rested and you have ample energy to conquer the highways. You also need to factor in your budget since gas, food, accommodations, and other miscellaneous expenses can add up quickly and empty your wallet

It’s not just you that needs to prepare, but your vehicle as well. Make sure to service your four wheels professionally to avoid potential roadside breakdowns. If you have the money, you can arrange for vehicle transport so you don’t have to deal with long drives. Experienced drivers will argue that long drives are part of the journey, but with an interstate move, we want it to be as less taxing as possible.

  1. Quarantine laws

Quarantine laws exist in Australia to prevent the spread of pests, weeds, and diseases. This helps reduce the risk of negative impacts on the country’s agricultural market and its surrounding environments. Specific rules cater to both movers and travellers so it’s worth researching these quarantine laws to better prepare yourself for your next move.  The restrictions apply to plants, agricultural equipment, pets, and animal products since these are most likely to contribute to an unwanted spread of pests and diseases.

  1. Accumulated baggage

You’ll find that when sorting through your belongings, you’ve accumulated plenty of clutter over the years. The last thing you want is to bring this baggage to your new home which is why you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. You can choose to host a garage sale or donate books, clothing, and other unwanted items to meaningful charity. After that, it’s time to organise your moving boxes and pack them accordingly.

Don’t be hesitant to ask friends and family members for help when packing your belongings. The more helping hands you can get, the better. Of course, there’s always the option for a professional packing service to make the whole process a breeze. We recommend going with the latter to ensure your items are safely packed before heading in transit.

  1. Finding the right removalist

Moving interstate is no easy task and finding the right removalist can be quite tricky. Before you choose a removals company, make sure to do your research and obtain quotes from various removalists. This will allow you to compare prices and work with an interstate removalist company in Perth that best fits your budget. Read customer reviews and ask feedback from previous clients to get an idea of the company’s services. Entrusting your belongings to an unproven company is a risky undertaking so plan ahead and research in advance prior to your interstate move.

While the cost isn’t always indicative of a removalist’s quality of service, it’s often a sign that the company is cutting corners. Cheap offers usually mean the company’s uninsured or they’re employing inexperienced removalists, so make sure to steer clear of seemingly low prices.

There are plenty of other things you should address once you finally arrive at your new home like updating your insurance policies, getting your car registered, checking out the educational system for your kids, and more. But once you prepare for your next journey, you’ll be able to make the entire move less stressful and more enjoyable. Make sure to follow these tips when moving interstate so you won’t be caught off guard when these challenges suddenly pop up.