Secure Self Storage Northern Suburbs, Neerabup

Secure Self Storage Facility Neerabup, Perth

Our fully secured 120sqm storage facility in Neerabup, is  conveniently located just off the Michelle Freeway, in Perth’s Northern suburbs.

We offer secure storage to clients in Perth and the surrounding area. As a local removals specialist, we are well aware that sometimes it is necessary to vacate your existing home before moving into your new one: a prospect that can cause untold problems for people without anywhere to store all their furniture and personal belongings.

It was for this very reason that we decided to open our own storage facility and offer an affordable solution that would help not just our own removal clients but anybody who needed somewhere handy to keep their possessions for a short or long period of time.

Our storage facility is located near Clarkson and we offer two different types of storage, designed to meet all your needs at prices you are sure to appreciate.


Adlam Storage: Modular Storage Units


If you have a relatively small amount of furniture or other possessions that you would like to store in a safe location, our modular storage units, which are 9.6 cubic metres each, are the perfect solution.

We have over 50 storage units near Joondalup and each unit can be sealed and locked once it has been filled, ensuring that nobody but you is able to access it, and is suitable for both short and long-term storage requirements.

You can either load the goods you wish to store yourself, or let us take care of it for you: we offer packing and loading services to all of our clients in the area.


Container Storage In Perth With Adlam


For those who would like to store a large amount of possessions in a secure location, we are pleased to be able to offer our shipping container storage solution. Shipping containers are large enough to store all types of furniture. Alternatively, if you are running a business and have a large amount of old paperwork that you would like to store offsite, one of our containers will provide you with ample room to keep as many documents as you wish. For safe, cheap, convenient storage in Perth, you will not find a better solution. However, if you are planning on storing lacquered goods or leather items, we would only recommend using a shipping container as a short to midterm solution. For longer periods of time, our modular units are the best choice for such possessions.


Adlam Storage Perth: First-Class Security & Service
Our site has a CCTV surveillance system as well a fully monitored alarm system at all times: if you are looking for the most secure storage in Perth possible, you have come to the right place. We also strive to ensure that we provide the very best service in the area and can send our team to your home or business premises to pack and load whatever it is that you wish to store at our facility. 

If you’re looking for secure storage near Joondalup, please contact us today for more information.