For some of us, one of the stressful elements to moving house is picking the right furniture removalist. You want someone who is going to turn up on time, clean, and professional, with the skills required to complete the job efficiently and deliver your goods undamaged.

Before selecting a removals company you should obtain at least 3 removalist quotes to compare and do some online research of your own before committing.

There are a few key questions you should ask the removalist to determine their suitability and to ensure there are no hidden costs you’ll face down the track.


1. What do their customers say?

Thanks to the internet, almost every business can now be reviewed online. You don’t (and shouldn’t) just look at the testimonial’s pages within a website – check out what other customers say about the business’s service on independent sites like Google Reviews, Facebook and Product Review.

Read the content of the reviews – Do they turn up on time? Do they have a good work ethic? Are people happy with the service provided?  Also, is the company in question responding to customer reviews? An active company is a company who cares about customer service.

2. Are you AFRA accredited?

Members for AFRA (Australian Furniture Removalist Association) are required to fulfil strict criteria and abide by a Code of Conduct in order to become members of the association. Only removal companies who have the right equipment, premises, vehicles and training for staff will be accredited by AFRA.

Engaging the services of an AFRA accredited company will give you the peace of mind that the removalist company works to the highest of standards, with well-trained staff and the right equipment to complete your move safely and strategically. Look for the AFRA logo! You can find out more about AFRA here.

3. What is included in the quote?

Some quotes you receive will include boxes, tape and other packing materials, while others may not.  It is important to find this out first off, so there are no nasty surprises on moving day!

Does the quote include insurance? Is it limited to a certain number of hours and if so, how are additional hours charged?

It’s worth noting also that most reputable companies will usually offer additional services such as pre-packing and storage at their premises. It’s a good idea to ask the consultant exactly what additional extras you can take advantage of on moving day – and at what cost.

4. Do you have insurance?

A good furniture removals company will offer you insurance to cover your belongings should they get damaged. Accidents do happen, even though every effort should be taken to ensure your goods arrive in the same condition as when they left. A professional removals company will be able to offer and guide you through the best insurance policy for you and your valuable possessions.

5. Are your movers’ employees or contractors?

Permanent employees of a removalist company will generally be a lot more skilled and knowledgeable than contractors hired in for specific moves. A permanent employee will tend to care a lot more about the company’s reputation, therefore providing a much higher level of customer service.

6. How big is the company’s fleet?

Ask the consultant how big their fleet of trucks is – or have a look online at the company’s fleet of trucks. A small company might only have one or two trucks in their fleet – this can lead to cancellations on moving day if there is no truck available or, worse, an outsourced hire truck being sent to move your valuable goods!

What size are the vans and trucks? You do not want to have to wait around whilst your valuables are loaded onto multiple small vans or trucks. Be sure the removalist company has the right trucks to conduct the move appropriately.

Check out our extensive fleet of removal vehicles.

Other questions to ask:

  1. Do you have a cancellation policy?
  2. Do you require a deposit?
  3. How many years’ experience does the company have?
  4. Can you conduct an onsite survey?

For an experienced and professional removalist company you can trust, contact Adlam Transport today and organise your free, onsite survey with one of our friendly, experienced consultants.