Proven Solutions to Your Difficult Moving Issues

Blog / Proven Solutions to Your Difficult Moving Issues

Moving is exhilarating, demanding, and highly stressful experience. Finding and obtaining a new house is difficult enough, but the actual moving process may quickly send you into crisis mode if you do not adequately prepare.

That is why it is beneficial to have a basic understanding of the most prevalent moving situations and how to manage them. Expert organizers and moving specialists have tips on making your relocation go as smoothly as possible.

Continue reading for insights on your most difficult moving concerns and when storage might be your friend.

  • You waited a long time to hire a moving company.

If you wait until the last minute to hire a moving company, you may find that your favourite selections have already been taken. As a result, people end up with moving companies with questionable reputations.

The Solution:

It is critical to establish your relocation date as early as possible to arrange a reputable moving company. Check internet reviews to identify a good moving company. A few negative reviews are natural and acceptable as long as the great majority are favourable.

If a buddy recommends a reliable moving firm, inquire if the company offers referral discounts. Moving firms adore repeat customers and frequently provide some sort of reward to keep customers coming back every year.

  • You’re in a hurry to pack.

The most prevalent issue with clients is that they put off packing until the last minute. Consider the following:

  • Clothes still folded in the wardrobe
  • Paintings still hanging on the walls
  • Random stuff covering every countertop.

When rushing to pack your belongings, you’re more inclined to throw items in containers without a solid organizational plan. This can make the unloading procedure far more time-consuming and perplexing than it has to be.

The Solution:

Start packing as soon as reasonably practicable. Gather packing supplies, then begin with items you use less regularly or don’t require daily. Group like objects together and properly mark each package. Stack the boxes out of the way.

It would also be helpful to contact your relocation company for more assistance. If you need help or are intimidated by packing, just phone the removalists and let them know ahead of time. They can bring extra men or resources to make sure there are no last-minute surprises.

  • Your items necessitate specific packing.

Many frequently overlook the fact that many of their possessions require special care. Flat-screen televisions, paintings, mirrors, dinnerware, computer screens, lamps, chandeliers, and other furniture need extra time and consideration. Most of these objects must be disassembled before being moved, while others require specific packing instructions to avoid damage.

The Solution:

Begin gathering the supplies needed to wrap your fragile objects as soon as possible. This includes the strong boxes in which your items were originally delivered. Recall how items entered the apartment since that’s how they’ll need to leave.

Give your movers a complete list of all your things that require special packaging or handling a few weeks before your relocation. That way, they can make room in the moving truck for these things and plan adequate time to assist you in packing and transporting them.

  • Your new building imposes time limits on service entrances and elevator access.

Many apartments have limited access to elevators and entrances. Some apartment complexes do not allow movers to stay in the building after a particular hour. It could mean you won’t have adequate time to unpack if you schedule in the afternoon.

The Solution:

The easiest method to avoid a scheduling clash is to consult with the building’s management ahead of time. Then, organize your moving schedule appropriately. Give your removalists some extra time, taking into account traffic and other factors that may create a delay in getting to the new building.

  • You were not able to dispose of some things before moving.

Downsizing your belongings is a crucial stage in packing. It’s also one that, if skipped, will undoubtedly complicate your entire move. If you don’t purge before your move, you’ll spend money moving stuff you’ll ultimately toss away in your new house, or 2) waste precious time trying to get rid of items as the packers help you move things.

The Solution:

“Whether it’s something you no longer consider important, something broken, or something you don’t want, decide early. Plus, getting rid of those stuff before the move helps speed up the move-in process because you won’t be wasting time organizing the goods in your new house.

  • Your furniture cannot fit in your new place.

If particular objects do not fit in lifts, stairs, or even in your flat with your other belongings, the packers will have to charge a fee to carry the items to the dump unless you can work out anything else. To make matters worse, most buildings would not allow you to throw away large objects such as furniture. You can get a ticket for putting large items out in the street.

The Solution:

Make a floor plan for the new room and plan out where each piece will go. Measure your furniture, keeping in mind the square footage, ceiling height, window height of your new home, and the exact layout of each room. 

  • You’re not sure where to put things in your new place.

Don’t squander your movers’ time throughout the move-in process by having them place boxes and furniture anywhere in the house.

If you don’t have a mechanism in place to lead your movers and determine where your numerous containers and furniture pieces should end up, your belongings will be dispersed all over the area.

The Solution:

Before the move, plan out where most of your furniture and belongings should go, and then begin packing accordingly. Label your boxes with the contents and then colour-code them by room to know where each one is going.

Have at least one person overseeing the movers. This will reduce the amount of heavy shifting you have to do on your own to save your back.

In the end, having a moving partner with the expertise will save you a lot of trouble. Adlam Transport is a reliable Geraldton removals firm that has long provided moving solutions to clients in the area. Check it out.