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Moving house? Relocating your business? Or heading off overseas on that trip of a lifetime? There are many reasons people need to avail of storage in their lifetime. We have come across it all! Our experienced team have put together some top tips for storing some of the more frequently stored items to help you along the way. You can also talk to us for the best advice on storing your items. We will guide you on what you need to keep your items safe and secure while in storage and our onsite shop stocks all the items you will need for packing safely and storing smart and efficiently.

Getting ready to store:

  • Avoid using plastic bags or airtight containers to store items – moisture can get trapped. Store your items in breathable materials such as cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes are available to purchase from your local storage facility. They are inexpensive and a good investment.
  • Drain all fluid from all fuel powered items, such as lawnmowers.  
  • Clean all your items and ensure they are completely dry before putting them into boxes to help avoid mould.
  • Always fill the boxes to the max (but don’t overfill to bursting point) Filling the boxes stops them from collapsing and allows you to stack them safely and efficiently.
  • Label all your boxes clearly using a white label and black permanent marker. Some of our storage guests place clear tape over the label to help keep it clear and smudge free.

Packing up your items:

  • Documents & Books

Flat pack documents and books into specific book cartons (boxes) these boxes can get very heavy! So try not to over pack. You can top up the box by filling some space with linen or paper. This makes sure there are no gaps in the box so they can be stacked when going to storage.

  • Furniture

Use plastic wrap and blankets can be purchased at Adlam Transport. We strongly recommend you wrap around and underneath your furniture to help keep them protected. If they are worth storing, they are worth protecting from dust and moisture.

  • Clothing

We recommend you use Port-A-Robe cartons to keep your items dust and wrinkle free. Place mothballs in the cartons for further protection. Vacuum bags are great for protecting clothing and linen and are a very efficient use of the space.

  • Fragile items

Fragile items such as plates and glasses should be boxed separately. You can purchase fragile tape that will clearly distinguish the box. Use specific ‘packing paper’ to wrap each item individually. Carefully fill any gaps in the fragile items with packing paper for support.

Make sure to purchase specific Picture Frame cartons for any artwork and mirrors. They are designed specifically for such items and will help keep these precious items safe for you.

When you are storing make sure to:

  • Leave airspace between walls and your items to allow for ventilation.
  • Put the heavy boxed items on the bottom and the lighter boxed items on the top.
  • Put your valuable items at the back of the storage unit or container.
  • Leave a walk in space for you to be able to get to any items that you may need while they are in storage.

At Adlam Transport, we have 3 storage options; modular, container and self-storage. Our office is stocked with all the items you will need for storage, including boxes, tapes and packing paper. Our staff are always on hand to help answer any questions and offer advise on storing your precious goods.

Contact us today and let us help you store and save!