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Moving into your new home? Upsizing or downsizing, it can become a stressful time. We want to help take the stress away and the best tip we can give you is to be organised. That will require some preparation a few weeks prior to your move date. So we have put together this Moving House checklist, starting at 6 weeks before your move, right up to moving day. 

You can read here or download and print here. We hope this helps you along the way. We are also at the end of the phone to guide you!




6 Weeks Before You Move:

*Book Removalist. *Create a folder for moving documents. *Prepare an inventory of all your items, break it up by room *Make list of precious/delicate items *Organise house and content insurance for new home *Gather all official documents (passport etc) *In the kitchen, start to use up all open food items and oils *Start to use up freezer food

3 Weeks Before You Move:

*Notify important bodies of your new address – Car Rego, Electoral Office, Banks Redirect post i.e. magazine subscriptions *Cancel all local memberships – Library; Dvd Shop *In the garden/shed drain the lawn mower, empty gas cylinder. *Rehome items you can’t take with you (cleaning fluids, fuel, batteries) (obtain this information from your removalist) *Book cleaners for vacate clean.

1 Week Before Moving Day:

*Confirm details with removalist and organise parking/access for the truck. *Obtain boxes from your removalist – buy tape, tape gun and sharpie for packing *Create a Handyman Box & a Priority Box, for odd items e.g. light bulbs, keys, chargers…. Keep this box open as you will add to it. *Back up computer hardware. *Pack cables/usbs etc into Handyman or Priority Box. *Advise utility companies of your disconnection date (moving day) and your reconnection date and new address.

The Day Before Your Move: 

*Pack an individual bag for each family member include pyjamas, toiletries, important personal items for your first night at your new home! *Place priority box and handyman box in the kitchen or a high traffic area so items e.g. kettle, medicines etc can be packed In the kitchen, defrost the freezer and clean fridge. *Drain water from washing machines, irons. *Confirm with your utility companies your disconnection and reconnection dates and address.

On Moving Day!:

*Confirm destination address with your removalist. *Leave garage door opener behind! *Leave a note for the new homeowners with a forwarding address and any instructions that may help them settle in their new home (it’s good karma!) *Ensure house is locked up and secure and relevant keys are returned to estate agent or solicitor.

Good luck with your move! You can contact us at any time if you need more help or guidance for a stress-free home move.