Make Your Interstate Move Less Stressful With These 6 Tips

Blog / Make Your Interstate Move Less Stressful With These 6 Tips

Moving interstate is a huge achievement, but it can also be incredibly stressful. There are so many things to do with so little time that you end up scrambling at the last minute. From searching the right interstate to changing your address, it always seems like an endless checklist of tasks that need to be accomplished. Thankfully, there are a couple of steps you can take to reduce the stress that comes along with interstate moves. Even more so, speak with a leading interstate removalist in Perth for all the professional assistance you may require.

Here are our top 6 tips to make your interstate move less stressful and ready yourself for the challenges that lie ahead.

The challenges of moving interstate

It’s no secret that moving interstate comes with its own set of challenges and knowing what these are will help you better prepare for them. There are plenty of possible roadblocks, but the two most common issues people face are:

  1. Distance

Often times it’s the geographical distance that makes the interstate move more daunting than it is. Securing a home that’s thousands of miles away isn’t the easiest of tasks and while the internet has made things more accessible, you don’t want to confirm the property based on just listings alone. You’ll need to either physically visit the property yourself or have friends or family members near the area to scout the house for you.

  1. Expense

The expenses can quickly pile up when you’re crossing borders for your next move. Hiring a removalist, having your vehicle transported, and worrying about your accommodation means you’ll have to dig deep into your wallet to shoulder these costs. Moving interstate is an expensive undertaking and is something you want to be financially prepared for.

6 tips to make your interstate move less stressful

While relocating to another interstate can be quite taxing, you can make it a less of a hassle if you know what to do. We’ve compiled 6 of the best tips you can apply during your interstate move to minimise potential problems as much as possible.

  1. Plan ahead

Planning early is crucial to the success of your interstate move. It eliminates the guesswork and ensures you’re following the right steps. From choosing the right removalist to searching for your new home, these things should be taken care of right from the get-go. Doing so will allow you to set a realistic budget and compare prices to get the best deals.

  1. Create a to-do checklist

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Ticking off a to-do checklist will always be better than picking up random tasks and not knowing what to do next. When creating a to-do checklist, arrange the tasks based on importance and prioritize key duties first. It’s also a good idea to have a separate checklist for other things needed for the move such as packing materials, your personal hygiene kit, and a list of important contacts.

  1. Hire reliable removalists

If you want a hassle-free move, then you need to hire the right removalists. We suggest doing your own research and comparing quotes on as many removalists as you can find. You can also ask friends and relatives on which removals company has reliable services. Keep in mind that the removalists you choose will be your partner throughout the whole move so it’s best to work with a company that’s experienced and professional in this regard.

  1. Start decluttering

For many homeowners, moving interstate is an opportunity to start over. This means it’s also the perfect time to get rid of clutter that you’ve been hoarding for years. It’s not a good idea to bring with you stuff that’s already collecting dust in your old home. So what you need to do is sort through your belongings, determine which items you want to keep, and either get rid of or donate unwanted stuff to meaningful charity.

  1. Pack fragile items carefully

Packing fragile items can be tricky, but it’s totally doable. All you need are the right packing materials to ensure these items are safe during transport. Use bubble wrap to protect fine china, porcelain, and antique items and fill in the rest of the box with packing peanuts for added protection. Don’t forget to label the boxes as “fragile” so that the removalists will handle them with extreme care.

  1. Ask for help

Like they always say, no man is an island and this rings true for interstate moves. The more helping hands you can get, the less stressful the move will be. Ring up your close friends and don’t hesitate to ask your family members for help too. Most of the time they’ll be willing to lend you a hand without even asking for anything in exchange. Do prepare snacks and beverages as a thank you for their volunteering efforts — they’re sure to appreciate even the smallest of gestures.

There’s just something about interstate moves that people find it stressful to deal with. Maybe it’s the sheer distance or the immense preparation that always seems to trip people up. At the end of the day, it’s all about preparation and being efficient with each action you take. Make sure to follow these 6 tips to ease your worries when moving interstate.