Make Your House Move More Eco-Friendly with These Handy Tips

Blog / Make Your House Move More Eco-Friendly with These Handy Tips

Moving house is a great opportunity to remove clutter and discard of any items you don’t need. After all, you want your new home to be as clean as possible once you’ve settled in. But have you ever thought about how much garbage you’ve accumulated that could potentially have a negative impact on the environment? It’s quite scary to think that most homeowners don’t pay attention to non-biodegradable materials and toxic chemicals when throwing away their trash.

While relocating to your new home may seem quite complicated, that doesn’t mean you should just ignore the potential ramifications of not recycling your garbage properly. Here we’ll be discussing some eco-friendly tips that you can apply when moving house so you can enjoy your new home without the guilt of harming the environment. It is always essential that you discuss the best options for your move with a professional removalist company in Perth before making any decisions.

Make use of environmentally-friendly packing materials

Your home is already full of non-biodegradable packing materials like bubble wrap, styrofoam, and packing peanuts. If you want to go green with your next move, you can use alternatives like egg cartons and newspapers to keep your valuables protected. You can line moving boxes with the bottom of an egg carton to act as a cushion for your fragile items. Newspapers work great for wrapping porcelain, glassware, and the like.

Some companies sell reusable pads and recyclable packing paper that are specially marked to signify its eco-friendliness. A green removals company will be able to provide with you with eco-friendly packing materials like bins and boxes to minimise the use of non-biodegradable materials as possible.

Get the right bins and boxes

Some companies offer green bins and boxes for rent that are reusable and can carry bulk items at once. These boxes are usually made of recycled plastic and is a cost-effective solution to purchasing cardboard moving boxes. In addition to renting Adlam Transport crates you can also save materials and money by reusing boxes in your home that are in good condition. Take advantage of your old cardboard boxes or put your clothing or smaller items in suitcases to minimise the use of packing materials.

Give away stuff you no longer need

Instead of throwing away all of your unwanted stuff, you can choose to hand off the usable ones to friends and family. Better yet, you can donate your old clothes, books, and toys to charity so they can be put to better use. Not only will it minimise your waste when moving house, but you can also help out other people in the process.

If the majority of your discarded items are non-biodegradable, you can drop them off to a recycling center where it can be sorted out and recycled immediately.

Collect used boxes from local shops

If you have the time, you can check in with your local corner shops and grocery stores and ask for free cardboard boxes. The main advantage to this is that the boxes are reinforced and are built to handle heavy loads, making it ideal for transportation. This will help cut the costs down and give the boxes another step to their life cycle before the end up on the recycling center.

Pack smarter

When you pack smarter, you use less cardboard boxes. Don’t try to just jam everything inside one box. Instead, organise your items and make use of as much available space as you can. For example, you can stuff your wrapped kitchen goods inside a pot or place your condiments in mugs. Make sure that every nook and cranny is used in a sensible manner and you’ll be able to reduce the need for packing materials.

Cut old clothes and use them as rags

At some point, you will inevitably use kitchen rags to wipe things off during the days leading up to your move. Instead of paper towels, you can cut old clothes into square pieces and use them as rags (assuming they’re clean). That way, you won’t have to grab your kitchen towels and you’ll still have something to use whenever the need arises.

Choose a green transport company

You can also opt to pack your possessions in a compartmentalized truck with other movers (known as consolidated shipping) which can greatly reduce your house move’s carbon footprint. Shipping your belongings by train is also a good alternative for a greener move.

Moving house can be an exciting time for any individual and it also presents an opportunity for change. By implementing these tips, you’ll be able to practice eco-friendly habits and be more conscious about the environment when planning your next big move.