How to Make Your Move Stress-Free

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Moving house is a huge task, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be an enormous source of stress. At Adlam Transport, we have removals and storage Perth we help our customers move house on a daily basis, and it’s safe to say that – in our line of work – you quickly learn how to simplify the process. With that in mind, we’re offering a few tips on how to make your move stress-free:

  • Start by making a list. – Before you get started with the packing, make a list of all of the items that you are going to pack, and indicate how you are going to group them. This will simplify the packing process and will also make it easier to find everything when it comes time to unpack. Of course, if you hire our pre-pack removals team, they’ll take care of the listing and catalogue for you.
  • Pack an overnight bag. – Once you’ve finally arrived at your new house, the last thing you want to do is start unpacking. Instead, give yourself a day to settle in and relax. Packing an overnight bag means you won’t have to go searching through your boxes to find a change of clothes along with items like cleaning supplies, toiletries, essential medications and bedding. Better yet, pack enough for two or three days and give yourself some leeway.
  • Set aside a special box for your most important and valuable items. – We’ve seen it all too often. A family moves into a house and takes their time unpacking – only to realise that something of serious importance has gone missing. Keep everything that you simply cannot afford to lose together in the box or container, and then keep that box in sight at all times. In particular, this is where you’ll want to keep obvious valuables (such as jewellery and heirlooms) along with important documents such as the deed to your house, insurance files, etc.
  • Visit your new neighbourhood in advance. – You will have already spent time getting to know the house before you move in, but there’s much to be said for getting acquainted with the neighbourhood in advance. Come a couple of weeks early and scout out the local offerings and facilities. This will help ease the transition.
  • Hire a moving specialist. – We may be biased, but our customers tell us that nothing takes the stress out of a move like hiring a professional to handle the logistics. No one likes packing – especially when virtually everything in the house is going with you! But with a team of removalists on your side, getting packed and making the move simply could not be any easier. We pack up houses for a living, and we can make short work of the process.

Moving house should be an exciting milestone in your life. Following the tips in this post will go a long way toward taking the stress out of it. And remember: if you need help with the logistics of moving, Adlam Transport is standing by to assist. We are the leading house removalists in Perth.