Ideas to Quickly Pack Your Home

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Moving home is said to be one of the most traumatic life events that you can experience, but it really doesn’t have to be that way. With our tips on how to pack and move quickly, you should find the whole process easy to manage. Instead of dreading the day that the removalists arrive, you will be able to look forward to enjoying your new home. If you are looking for an interstate removalist Perth, consider Adlam Transport.

Making Light Work of a Heavy Load

Even if you have numerous personal possessions to pack up and many large pieces of furniture to move, there is no reason why moving home has to be a horrific ordeal. Follow our suggestions and you can make sure that everything goes smoothly.

  • Pack Small Items Well in Advance If you are planning to pack all of your personal possessions yourself, it is a good idea to start at least a couple of weeks before the actual day of your move. If you spend a few minutes here and there putting things in order, you will find that by the time the removal firm arrives on your doorstep, everything is packed and ready to go.
  • Use a Packing Service For those of you who simply don’t have enough spare time to follow the above suggestion, there is an alternative solution: hire a Perth removal company that offers a bespoke packing service. For a very reasonable fee, many local companies will be more than happy to bring along all the necessary packing materials and stow away your personal belongings quickly and carefully.
  • Wardrobe items If you own any delicate clothing ask your removal team to supply porta robes this way your important clothing would travel as it would be in a wardrobe and they can stay on their hangers and hang straight back in your wardrobe in your new residence. There is no point in taking empty suitcases along for the ride when you are moving home! If you are packing any fragile items in your cases, remember to bubble-wrap them first or put layers of blankets in between them, to avoid unnecessary breakages.
  • Have a Plan Spend some time sitting down with a pen and paper (a tablet or smartphone will do just as nicely if you prefer) and make a list of tasks you need to accomplish before the day of the move. You will be much less likely to leave anything out if you have a plan.

If you need any more tips on how to make moving less of a hassle, please do not hesitate to call your friendly furniture removalists Perth or send us an email with your questions.