How to Safely Prepare Your Glass Furniture for Removals?

Blog / How to Safely Prepare Your Glass Furniture for Removals?

Moving can be stressful, and there are numerous factors to consider. One of these factors could be about how to properly pack and transport your glass furnishings to ensure they don’t break. Glass furniture adds sophistication and refinement to your interior design. Glass also lends an elegant appearance to interior design and is aesthetically pleasing. However, transporting glass furniture needs considerable work and time. When it is time to move, owning glass furniture necessitates careful planning so that it does not wind up as shards upon arrival at your new home.

In this article, we will discuss how to safely prepare your glass furniture for removal so you can ensure that it will be handled with the utmost care before, during and after your move.

Start with equipping yourself with the right materials

Gathering the proper packing materials is the initial step in preparing your glass furniture for relocation. In contrast to books and clothing, transporting glass furniture and things requires a few additional boxes and tape. Having your packing basics in a convenient kit can help keep everything together and make packing room-by-room more efficient and accessible.

We recommend including the following in a packing kit:

  • A pair of scissors or a razor blade
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrapping
  • Permanent markers

How to safely prepare glass furniture when moving house

  • Disassemble all of your glass furniture

The first step is to remove all the screws keeping the pieces of furniture together, and then to take them apart carefully. Transporting the disassembled furniture pieces is significantly easier through glass doors, narrow hallways, and up and down stairs. Typically, glass furniture is supported by detachable wooden or iron legs. Determine how much of the glass furniture can be removed. Once all the glass panels have been successfully detached from their frames, you can remove them one by one. Lift each panel from its frame and lay it aside until all of them have been removed. Take caution not to break any glass during the process.

  • Pack all of the fragile parts properly 

Individually wrap and secure each piece of glass furniture. This will help prevent it from damaging collisions with other objects. Utilise the right packing tape to seal the boxes shut. This will aid in maintaining order and preventing stuff from tumbling out. If you are uncertain whether anything will fit in a box, it is always prudent to avoid caution and utilise a larger box. It is preferable to have a bit of additional space than to risk damaging something by squeezing it in.

  • Label each and every box

Once you have carefully packaged your glass, be sure to mark all of it clearly. Write “Glass” and “Do Not Lay Flat” for flat glass items on the package. Always transport and store a flat piece of glass on its edge. Guarantee that the labels are visible and prominent. Ensure that both sides of the box are labelled. We also suggest using printed fragile tape to indicate which goods are susceptible to breaking.

  • Do not stack any of the boxes or lay them flat

Glass objects should not be stacked when storing already-packed products because packing is not always a rapid process. Pack each glass item separately, as combining or stacking them can result in harm. Avoid stacking glass, particularly before wrapping it. Between the glass panes, dirt or grime could accumulate and cause visible flaws. Separating stacked glass can also be tricky. Even when packed in boxes, you should avoid laying anything heavy on your glassware and nothing on top of your fragile boxes. Avoid placing glass furnishings on the ground, as they can shatter or crack. The strongest component of the glass is the edge, so it is advisable to rest the glass on its side or upright.

  • Keep anything heavy far away from your glass furniture

If your other items are heavier than your glass furniture, keep them away from each other. Unless your move needs to be done in a single day, you will need to make two journeys. Even though this is inconvenient, you may rest assured that your glass furniture will not be broken by accident. It can save you the trouble of locating and transferring replacement components in the future. Your moving truck’s contents may have changed depending on how far you travelled and how rough the roads were. Even if all precautions were taken, your glass furniture might be unstable, or something may have fallen on top.

  • Get insurance for any unexpected accidents

Even the most meticulous packing cannot always prevent accidents. Due to the fragility of glass, your possessions and furnishings can sustain damage during shipping. Obtaining insurance is a terrific way to provide yourself with peace of mind since you will be covered if the worst-case scenario occurs. Make sure to ask your movers for a comprehensive insurance policy designed to protect you from unexpected breakages or damage to any of your belongings.

Bottom line

When packaging glass furniture for a transfer, special precautions must be taken. Utilise ample cushioning and support to prevent any injury. Additionally, it is advisable to name the boxes holding glass furniture for the mover’s benefit. You can ensure that your glass furniture arrives safely at your new house with sufficient care and attention. However, you can always hire specialists if you find it unmanageable or you lack the necessary expertise.

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