How to properly dispose of unwanted furniture items during a removal

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Although moving location is anecdotally one of the most stressful times of our lives if we allow it to be, it actually offers up one of the most exciting opportunities. It delivers an amazing, unparalleled chance to de-clutter life and rid ourselves of items we no longer want or need, including pieces of furniture that have outlived their usefulness. As for moving stress, the answer is simply to outsource the job to an experienced team of experts like the team here at Adlam Transport. Any anxiety brought on by the process will be vastly reduced, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your move and, dare we suggest it, perhaps even look forward to the exciting prospect of new beginnings.

For the purpose of this article, we recorded suggestions from members of our team on how to properly dispose of unwanted furniture items during a removal. Before you can dispose of anything, you must first identify what it is and we’ve got some tips and tricks to help out there too. The cathartic nature of culling unnecessary belongings is hard to overstate and the feeling goes a long way towards turning the overall experience of moving into a positive one.

Selecting items to let go

Perhaps the most difficult step in the process of how to get rid of old furniture lies in shedding emotional attachments to pieces of furniture you no longer need and allowing them to follow one of the paths outlined below.

This process is most easily undertaken once all the objects stored inside larger pieces of furniture have been removed, however, it can still be achieved if this is not a logistical possibility or you simply cannot wait to get started. Be as objective as possible and assess each item of furniture as though you were considering purchasing it rather than debating whether to dispose of it. Ask yourself these questions and be as honest as possible, this process is designed to help, not trick you into abandoning things you might still need:

  • Is it in decent condition?
  • Are there any breakages, peeling vinyl/veneer, stiff hinges, woodworm or rot?
  • How well does it complement your style?
  • Does it serve any real, practical purpose?
  • How serious are any sentimental attachments and can they be gotten over?
  • Will a replacement of some sort be needed?
  • How easy would it be to find?

If you determine some items of your furniture could stand being replaced, decide the severity of the situation and whether they will suffice for now. They may be worth transporting and keeping just until you can afford the time and money required to replace them. Moving is certainly an excellent time to get rid of furniture but not if it means you will be left with nowhere to keep the things that used to live inside.

How to dispose of furniture in Australia

Once you have assessed each item of furniture, it is time to decide how to be rid of any pieces not making the cut. You have already assessed their physical qualities to reach this point, and this will help you with the next stage of the process.

As with any products or materials we no longer use, the best solution is to allow someone else to use them, or to recycle the parts if possible. Those are among the options we have for your consideration but they come with some stipulations of their own.

Give it away

This represents perhaps the simplest and most satisfying way to be rid of unwanted furniture with life still left to give. Ask around and put the feelers out there, maybe you know a young couple who are just starting out and could use a few items to get them underway.

Try posting online to tell people about your free furniture and see if there is any interest. It is also common practice in Australia to leave unwanted items outside a property for others to take away and you may wish to try this for a while. Leave a note and see what happens, you would be amazed by the things people will take away and it could not be any easier for you. Beware though, the condition of furniture deteriorates rapidly when exposed to the elements and if nobody bites, you will have a burden you must dispose of another way.

Donate to charity

Another hugely satisfying option when wondering how to get rid of old furniture is to donate it to a charity. They can make money from or distribute it to those in need as they see fit. However, this is not an excuse to pretend you are donating something out of the goodness of your heart simply to get rid of unwanted junk. Charities are alert to this cheap trick and insist furniture is safety-compliant, clean/infestation-free, and fit for purpose before accepting, and rightly so. Contact the organisation you have in mind and you should be able to speak to someone who can explain their policies regarding furniture donations relatively easily.


You might have the time and inclination to turn jaded items of furniture into cool retro or ‘shabby chic’ ones and resell them. If you have the skill to give them a new lease of life then this is a great solution, or the items might be inherently valuable as they stand and be worth selling. Online posts are seen by huge numbers of people these days and are a tremendous way to reach the person who might want to take your item off your hands for an agreed fee or for free if you just want to get rid of it quickly.


Another fantastic trend made possible by online groups and posts is trading and swapping items with other members and there are specific groups of this nature in almost every area.

Enquire with your local council

Most councils in Australia will have a service to remove larger unwanted items and you will only need to leave them outside your property to be collected. However, this service will not be free and you should enquire about fees and budget accordingly.

Contact a professional junk removal company

Surely the quickest, easiest solution on this list and therefore the most expensive. Depending on the company you choose, your unwanted furniture can be gone and forgotten within a couple of hours. If the budget is not your primary consideration and you prefer to get the process moving quickly, this may be the perfect answer.

Hire a skip bin

If you have accumulated enough unwanted junk to warrant hiring a skip bin to dispose of it all, you can certainly add furniture to it. You may have to break them down with smaller skips but it will get the job done quickly and efficiently. Always ensure the company you choose intends to recycle suitable materials and not just add the whole lot to the landfill.

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