How to Pack Kitchenware for Removalists?

Blog / How to Pack Kitchenware for Removalists?

The kitchen is unquestionably the most challenging room to pack while moving. In addition to the large number of objects that need to be packed, many of them are oddly shaped and very delicate, and there are typically an overwhelming number of other items that can throw off even the most organised packers. If you have been looking for ways to minimise the hassle of packing things in your kitchen, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we will be covering how to pack kitchenware for removalists to prevent any unwanted accidents and ensure a smooth transition into your new kitchen.

Proper Packing of Kitchen Appliances with Removalists

  • Acquire the proper packing supplies

You must carry numerous objects, including lightweight kitchen utensils, delicate glassware, and high-end technological appliances. In order to move everything inside your kitchen, it is essential to acquire all the necessary packing materials:

  • Padding

This is necessary for protecting fragile goods. You can use bubble or foam wrap, but these materials can be costly. Equally beneficial are tea towels and pillowcases made of linen. Alternatively, if you have a shredder, you might create a mound of shredded paper when packing up and cleaning out your office.

  • Boxes 

We recommend using smaller boxes for packing kitchen items so that the boxes do not become too heavy to lift.

  • Permanent Markers / Stickers 

Carefully label each box. When you move into your new house, having 30 boxes labelled ‘kitchen’ is not very useful. Be more explicit, such as with regard to labelling, kitchen cookware made of metal, everyday plates and bowls, etc. Coloured stickers aid in identifying each room. Thus, you can quickly identify which boxes belong in different rooms.

  • Paper 

You can use old newspapers for cooking utensils and butcher paper for dishes and crockery. If you have silverware or fine china, you should wrap it in acid-free tissue paper to prevent tarnish.


  • Packaging Tape 

Invest in a dispenser for packaging tape. They are inexpensive and will save you a lot of time. Tape is necessary to ensure that your moving boxes remain sealed.

  • Simplify the process by sorting and organising

Develop a plan to pack your kitchen things before beginning anything else. Since many appliances and tools are in your kitchen, it is difficult to establish priorities. Determine the items you use all the time and pack them first. Then, separate your belongings into several groups to facilitate packing. Ensure that everything you carry has a new home, otherwise, it may end up in a box and not see the light of day. 

Be extremely selective during the entire procedure. Once you’ve determined which items you won’t be bringing with you, you can donate or give them away. Examine every cabinet and drawer, and be very selective with what you bring into your new house. You can donate unwanted items to shelters or food banks, sell them at a garage sale, or dispose of them completely.

  • Clean your kitchen appliances thoroughly

To avoid mould growth on the adjustable shelves, clean and dry them well. The same holds true for other kitchen appliances. Utilise a cleaning cloth to remove any grime from the top and the bottom of all your kitchen appliances. If you have the original packaging, you can use them to store your appliances, easily distinguish which is which, and save up on boxes that you can use for your other appliances. However, if you do not have a box of the appropriate size, use the next-largest box size. Utilise crumpled packing paper to fill any spaces surrounding the appliances in the box. Remove any hoses or wires and store them inside the appliance (only if possible). Tape the doors closed and the cords to the sides or rear.

  • Properly pack your appliances into boxes

Line your appliances with bubble wrap, newspapers, or a towel before placing them in the box. Then, insert your wrapped things inside with care. Fill the space with crumpled paper, Styrofoam, or additional bubble wrap to keep items from shifting during the relocation. Once you are confident that you have packed every essential commodity, it is time to seal the boxes. Mark or mark the boxes with their respective contents so that you can quickly locate everything. Your post-relocation self will undoubtedly appreciate your efforts. Mark the boxes with “fragile” stickers so your movers will handle them carefully.


  • Load and secure all your appliances to the moving truck

Please do not take the time to carefully pack your kitchen appliances, only to toss them into the back of a moving truck carelessly. You must ensure that your kitchen packing boxes are appropriately secured in the truck and that no heavier boxes are piled on top of them. It would be best if you also placed them in an area where they will not be struck by toppling boxes. Being very careful throughout the entire process will not only benefit you, but also the removalists who will be assisting you move into your new home.

Bottom line

Packing kitchen appliances can be complicated for numerous reasons. Any carelessness or harsh handling can cause the device to malfunction or break. To complete the activity flawlessly, you should prepare a precise strategy before leaving the house and consider the approaches we’ve outlined above. If you follow this advice, you will know everything there is to know about packing kitchen appliances. Selecting the right kitchen packing boxes and packing with the appropriate care and attention, your appliances will arrive at your new house in pristine shape.

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