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Moving homes now became more stressful due to the pandemic. Equipping yourself with the correct information can help alleviate some of the stress and fears that the virus brings. Here is a list of tips to help you move to your new place safely and efficiently.

Plan And Pack Early

The COVID-19 pandemic causes unpredictable delays and disruptions in all industries, including transport. Due to this, it would be best to plan your move early and book all necessary services as soon as possible.

Start packing your belongings at least two weeks from the day of your move. That way, you can have ample time to sort through all your items and pick which ones to keep and which to throw away and donate. 

It would help if you considered buying your necessities all at once to reduce your trips and the risks of exposure to the virus. 

Move Home During Covid

Talk To Your Moving Company

It is best to discuss all the aspects of the move with your  furniture removals company as early as possible. You should consult them about their practices in protecting themselves and their clients and if there were no charges in case of emergencies.

It would be best to choose a company that you are most comfortable with. In addition, you should prioritize your health and safety more than the move date. With that said, it is best to postpone the move if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms or you traveled overseas within the last 14 days.

Stay Updated

The national government always updates its guidelines regarding interstate travel and other health and safety mandates. Staying informed about these guidelines can help you plan your move date better and follow practices in accordance with the latest information available.

On Moving Day

During the moving day, practice proper social distancing and wear the appropriate personal protective equipment. It would be best to sanitize your hands and other high-touch areas frequently.

Try to limit the number of road stops you take. If you really must make a road stop, it is best to choose a non-busy place. Sanitize your hands every time you leave the vehicle.

Keep at-risk family members safe and away from the moving process. You can encourage them to travel to your new home and prepare the household by cleaning surfaces and sanitizing cabinets, walls, and other areas.

At Your New Home

After moving to your new home, it would be best to sanitize all surfaces and wash everything. These include your pillows, tables, and rugs. In doing so, you can mitigate all the risks of being in contact with the virus.

Additional Information

We care for you and your family’s welfare. During these challenging times, you can expect the same quality services but with additional steps to ensure your welfare.

We are following all government-mandated health regulations to keep all employees and clients safe from the virus. This guide should help clear up any confusion and provide you information about moving during the pandemic.

COVID Pandemic Practices We Follow:

  • All employees and contractors receive updated information from the government. The information they receive ranges from health practices to travel guidelines.
  • All employees wear masks, practice proper hygiene, and use personal protective equipment at all times. The staff is encouraged to bring their own food to reduce the need to make road stops. 
  • All employees use QR codes to check in at every area and take weekly COVID tests as required by the government. If an employee shows symptoms, they are to stay at home and get tested.
  • Removal teams are organized to minimize the chances of spreading the virus. 
  • The staff will be quarantined if they traveled internationally or have been in contact with a person with the virus. The said staff cannot return to work until they provide negative COVID test results.
  • We will keep in contact with customers through messages before the set move date. In doing so, we can be aware of potential cases and stop them from spreading in your area.
  • All employees assigned for delivery and collection will practice zero physical contact as much as possible. The driver can deliver to a client’s doorstep but will refrain from entering their household. By following this practice, we can ensure both the employees’ and clients’ safety.
  • Every vehicle is disinfected before leaving the office and cleaned weekly.
  • The employees are all pending vaccination if they have not received their shots at all.

With this in mind, we would like to request your honesty and support. If you traveled overseas in the past two weeks, have been in contact with a suspected COVID-19 carrier, or show flu-like symptoms, please inform us as soon as possible to make necessary arrangements.

We request that you follow the same safety standards and hygiene practices to keep you and our employees safe during the moving process. That means the proper use of masks and gloves during the packing process and the frequent use of sanitizers.

Moving During The Panedemic


Moving homes before COVID was stressful enough, but even more so during the pandemic. We, at Adlam Transport, are committed to providing you with quality services while prioritizing your health and welfare. Our professionals practice all necessary precautions and follow all rules and guidelines to ensure your and the community’s well being.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us through email and telephone numbers. Thank you for your patience and understanding!