How To Best Explore Your New Home After Moving

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When you move into a new residence, take the chance to set yourself up for DIY homeowner success for years to come. 

Make a list of priorities.

As soon as you walk inside your new home, you’ll be thinking of things you need to do. Keep this long list of things to do from getting too overwhelming by keeping a notepad in a central place. Write down everything you or your household thinks of during the day. After one day, cut the list off and give each item a 1, 2, or 3 to show its importance.

Things that need to be done this week, like safety issues, cleaning, unpacking essentials, etc., should come first. The second priority should be getting things done that need to be done within the next two months, like organizing, maintaining, and unpacking the rest. Priority three tasks should be things that aren’t essential but that you’d like to finish this year, like renovations, landscaping, and big purchases.

Clean the coils in the fridge

The condenser coils on a refrigerator are either on the back or along the bottom. When dust, pet hair, and spider webs get into the loops, they can’t release heat. 

As a result, your refrigerator’s compressor has to work harder and longer.  Use a brush made for cleaning coils and a vacuum. A coil-shaped cleaning brush that can be bent to fit into small spaces works excellently. 

Get rid of the lint.

Whether your dryer is gas or electric, a blocked up lint screen or dryer duct makes it work much less well. After each load, clean the lint screen, and once a year, clean the exhaust duct. The auger brush on the Linteater can be attached to a drill and used to clean out the vents.

Dry loads of laundry one after the other, so the dryer doesn’t have time to cool down. Also, use the dryer only until all the garments are dry. When you dry your clothes too much, they get worn out, and your electric bill goes up. You should get a gas dryer if you need a new one and your house already has a gas line. A gas dryer does a better job.

Install a toilet seat that can be removed.

No matter how hard you try, it seems like you can never clean the toilet seat hinges. There’s always some cleaning solution that gets under the surface and shows up later. Putting in a toilet seat that can be removed solves the problem. You just have to twist the two hinge caps about a quarter of a turn to take off this seat. Then it’s easy to get under the hinges and clean them. Seats that can be taken off are affordable, anyway. Installation is easy, and all you need is a wrench.

Learn your home.

Before making significant changes like adding on or tearing down walls, you should live in your residence for 12 to 18 months. After living there for a while, what you thought you wanted at first might change. 

Use mineral spirits for wood.

If the finish on your woodwork or furniture is dull and cloudy, it may need to be refinished. But before you do that, take a hint from people who fix up old furniture and clean it with mineral spirits. 

Mineral spirits, which is sometimes called “paint thinner,” are mild solvents. You can get it at a hardware store or paint store. Just soak a soft cloth in water and rub it until it stops picking up dirt. Work in a place with good airflow, and remember that the fumes can catch fire. Before putting the cloth in the trash, you should hang it up outside to dry.

Change the filter in the furnace.

Forgetting to change the filter is one of the quickest ways to cause problems. Find the furnace filter and buy more if the old owners didn’t leave you any. 

Clean the condensers and evaporators of your air conditioner.

When the summer heat comes, a little bit of work will help your wallet and comfort level. Most of the work can be done without a professional’s help, and if you service and test your cooling system now, you’ll have plenty of time to call an air conditioning contractor if there are any problems you didn’t expect. 

After turning off the power to the unit, use a soft-bristled brush to clean the fins outside the outdoor condenser. Also, clear away any bushes, weeds, or tall grass within two feet of the device. 

Find the main water shutoff valve in your home.

If you need to turn off the water to your house, you should know where the main water shutoff valve is. Almost every home has two main shutoff valves, one right before the water meter and one right after. 

The weather in your area will determine where the meter goes. Use the main valve on the house side of the meter to turn your water on or off. This valve is usually a gate valve with a round, knurled handle that needs to be turned several times in a clockwise direction to shut off. It could be a ball valve in a newer home. 

Find the electrical box.

Locate the panelboard, so you know how to proceed with turning off the power to the whole house or just one circuit. The main circuit breaker panel is usually in a utility room, garage, or basement. It is a grey metal box. 

Check the crawlspace and attic.

It’s a good idea to get to know the farthest parts of your home. Check for leakages, bugs, mould, and other problems that need to be fixed as soon as possible. Find out how to put up a vapour barrier in your crawlspace if you don’t already have one.

Make one room your safe place.

You can’t accomplish all of the home improvements you want right away, and it’s great to live in your house for a couple of months before starting any big projects.  

When you first move into your home, something that seems like a must-do may quickly fall to the bottom of your list of things you want to do. So, pick a room that doesn’t need too much work and make that your new home’s sanctuary. 

You’ll have a place with your colours and style where you can unwind and dream of a day when every space in your house is just the way you want it. 

Of course, you will not be able to reach this stage without the arduous process of moving. That is why it is crucial to hire removalists that will be most helpful, so you can explore and enjoy your new home. If you are looking for a Geraldton removals service, you may get in touch with the staff of Adlam Transport.