How Long Will it Take to Pack Your House for a Move?

Blog / How Long Will it Take to Pack Your House for a Move?

If you’re moving to a new home and decided to pack on your own, there are likely a few questions running through your head. One of them is how long will it take for you to complete the task. After all, time is of the essence when preparing for such a big event. While it can be difficult to make an accurate estimate, here are a few things for you to consider so you can get to work and finish packing as early as possible.

  1. Size of your property

This might sound obvious, but the size of your property will play a huge role on how long the packing will take. If you’re packing things by yourself, it’s reasonable to finish in around 10-15 hours for every 90 sq. meters. Now that might sound a bit excessive, but keep in mind that packing for a move requires more than just throwing things inside of boxes. It takes time to organise each of your possessions and you certainly don’t want to just toss around fragile items like porcelain, glassware, and the like.

Also, you need to factor in how full each rooms are. If you are the minimalist type and you only have a large collection of books, expect to finish earlier than expected. But if all of the storage in your room is filled to the brim — cupboards, drawers, clothing closets, then adhere to the sq. meter estimate mentioned above.

  1. The way your belongings are organised

If you keep things pretty tidy, then you won’t have any problems sifting through piles of unorganised stuff before you pack. However, some people end up accumulating junk that needs to be disposed of before they start packing. It’s important to clean out the clutter first to make organising your belongings much easier. The whole cleaning process might take up a bit of your time, especially if there are plenty of things to discard.

Once all of the junk has been disposed of, you can now focus your attention on packing your items. The key is to pack smart and pack efficiently. Make use of as much space on the box as possible. Go to each room and start packing your belongings there. This can help facilitate the entire process by not having to go from room to room just to pack your stuff.

  1. How many valuables you have

If you own a large collection of vintage teacups and fine china, give yourself more packing time. These items require a bit more attention when packing as you don’t want to risk damaging your valuables. Use a sturdy box that’s lined with moving blankets and wrap the teacups carefully with bubble wrap. This can take a while, but the extra time is worth it to help keep your valuables safe during transport.

Assess how many fragile items you have and prioritise those first. The sooner you finish with packing your valuables, the easier the whole process will be. Don’t rush through the packing or else you’ll end up with broken or damaged goods.

Tips on how to pack your house much faster

A strategic approach is what you need if you want to pack your house much faster. Hastening around will only do more harm than good. Instead of just rushing things, here are a couple of tips you can follow to finish packing in record time.

  • Set up a packing area with all of the materials you need for packing. This can be in an easily accessible place like the living room for example. The closer you are to the door, the easier you’ll be able to move the boxes once they’re done packing.
  • Keep similar items together and don’t mix clothing items with ornaments and vice versa. This will make packing and unpacking a breeze and save yourself from a headache.
  • Mark essential boxes with an “unpack first” so you know which ones to prioritise upon arrival in your new home.
  • Create a packing strategy for each room. Identify which items are the most valuable and pack them first before proceeding to packing items of lesser value.
  • Start early. Most people underestimate the amount of time they need when packing their belongings. You can pack a couple of boxes a day in the weeks leading up to your move so you don’t have to fumble around and pack things at the last minute.
  • Hire a professional removalist. If you have the budget and you don’t want to bother with all the troubles associated with packing, you can always contact a moving company to help pack for you. They can finish packing your home in a fraction of a time and allow you to dedicate your resources on other important matters.

Packing your home may sound like a tedious task, but with a careful approach and a solid strategy in place, you can make the entire process much smoother. Consider these tips when packing your home so you can have a good idea of how long you can finish the task. It is also worth considering engaging with your local removalist in Perth to discuss how they could help assist with the packing or at least give you some tips to make the packing as efficient as possible!