For A Stress Free Move, Call Our Pre-Pack Team!

Blog / For A Stress Free Move, Call Our Pre-Pack Team!

Imagine a team coming to your home to help you move. To physically put your belongings away into boxes in a coordinated and orderly manner, ready for the removal team to come pick them up and take them to your new location. Our pre-pack team will do just that! 

The pre-pack team sort through your house, carefully boxing up your possessions for you room by room, disassembling and covering your furniture so the removal team are ready to go on moving day. 

We have the team & purposefully designed pre-packing van.


The van was designed with efficiency in mind, with its layout allowing for minimal lifting & stretching for our teams’ comfort.  If your moving home our office, our van and team is ready to assist.

The pre-pack vans’ features allow for our team to arrive to your home or office, ready for action.

Its features include: 

  • Separate area for all sized boxes and plastics (for furniture protection).
  • Side compartments for tape, pens, paper, and all other essential bits and bobs.
  • A mounted toolbox for any disassembling of furniture with drills on charge.
  • A safe hold for the trolley, to allow for easy box movement onsite.
  • First aid and wash station at doors for immediate access.
  • Plug in to vehicle 240-volt power on site.
  • A microwave, coffee machine and Engel fridge for customer and crew comfort.

All it’s missing is the kitchen sink!

Contact us today to arrange your move with our fabulous pre-pack team!