Do Moving Companies Dismantle Furniture?

Blog / Do Moving Companies Dismantle Furniture?

Let’s face it, there will be things you’ll be bringing along with you that won’t be easy to move from one place to another. This is why people often ask whether movers will assemble or disassemble their furniture.

This is why it would help if you determine which objects in your home would require disassembly before the transfer to ensure a much smoother transition. It is also best if you communicate these decisions to your moving company. You should keep in mind that while some companies are willing to help you throughout your move, there are some instances when you have to do some work yourself. 

In this article, we will find out whether or not moving companies dismantle furniture so you can ensure the safety and integrity of your furnishings on moving day.

Will Movers Assemble & Disassemble Furniture?

Yes, your furniture will be assembled and disassembled by the movers. Professional movers will disassemble mattresses, bookcases, dining room tables, cabinets, and other furniture if it is necessary to transport them safely into the truck. This is a standard aspect of their service. If you want the moving firm to disassemble and reassemble your furniture, there may be an additional labour charge. If the products were improperly assembled or have missing parts, the mover is not responsible and may require you to sign a disclaimer.

The majority of your home’s furniture will not require disassembly, however. Nevertheless, there will always be furnishings that will. The most frequently disassembled items are bed frames, large dining room tables, dressers with attached mirrors, and vanities. If you have assembled a piece of furniture in a room but have not yet moved it into the room, it may not fit through the door. In such circumstances, the mover will determine how the item will be disassembled and packed for transit.

Everything the movers disassemble at your existing residence will be reassembled at your new residence unless you instruct them otherwise. This sometimes occurs when people paint, refinish flooring, or clean carpets in their new house. Beds are typically the first objects that movers rebuild, allowing you and your family to sleep in them on the night of the move. If you are relocating within the same city and the moving company charges by the hour, you can save money by disassembling your own mattresses and bookcases. Ensure that all components for each bed or bookcase are bagged or wrapped in paper and taped together.

Should you dismantle and reassemble your furniture yourself?

Before you break out the toolbox and begin dismantling the furniture, ask yourself if it is worth the time and effort to break the furniture down and then put it back together at a new location. Dismantling and reassembling furniture can be time-consuming. The process will take twice as long as you expect as the unexpected tends to occur- including losing parts, tools you didn’t realise you’d need, etc. Sometimes it’s worth having your movers do this task, and sometimes it’s not. It all depends on your specific move and if you need to save money. Ultimately it is your choice. Here are three insights to know if you can’t decide whether to have the movers do it or do it yourself.

  • DIY furniture disassembly will save you money

The more you can do yourself and the better prepared you are for the relocation, the more money you will save. Moving companies can be pricey, especially if you ask them to do things you’re capable of doing on your own. Don’t think for a second that your mechanic is going to wash your car. To the same extent, movers are not exempt. Hire movers for their expertise to get the most out of your relocation.

  • Moving locally

If your movers can take apart and reassemble your furniture, your relocation will take longer and cost you more money. Do it yourself if you want to save money on your move, and you know what you’re doing when it comes to taking apart and reassembling furniture.

Get professional movers if you can afford it but don’t feel up to the task yourself. You can always hire a handyperson or a furniture disassembly service if you know a lot of furniture needs to be taken apart. These supplementary services will cost more per client per hour. It’s essential to remember that this only applies if you’re sure that every piece of furniture needs to be moved.

  • Moving long-distance

The unloading of your possessions at your new location may be handled by a different moving staff than the one that loaded them up several days earlier. Your furniture will not be reassembled by the same movers who took it apart. Before making a final choice, consider whether or not the new movers have the skills necessary to reassemble the items correctly. 

Or, you might take it apart and reconstruct it as a DIY project for the new house.

Will the moving service disassemble and reassemble electrical appliances?

A house contains more than just furniture. Additionally, there are numerous electric appliances installed. Disconnecting and reconnecting these electrical appliances is not always straightforward since many residents are equipped with them. Thus, relocation becomes a much more complicated task to overcome. Examine a few household electric appliances that are commonly present.

  • Microwave ovens, Waffle makers, and Toasters
  • Personal Computers
  • TV and DVD Players
  • Refrigerator
  • Water purifiers
  • Washer and dryer 

Also, if you have home workout equipment such as treadmills, bench presses, etc., you will need to ask your removalist if this is included in their package. Not every moving company consists of this as a standard service. The furniture movers should be able to perform any furniture removal job. However, they may charge more for particular services. Considering the value of your belongings and the fact that time is money, it is vital to ensure that your removalist is prepared for every element of your relocation.

Not every moving company will unplug and reconnect your appliances. This could be attributed to a variety of factors, including experience. The last thing a moving company wants is to harm your appliance because of carelessness. If you informed the mover that you would need assistance with this, they might let you know ahead of time if they are able to meet your request or provide you with possibly practical choices to ensure the job is done correctly.

What won’t your moving company disassemble?

The majority of moving companies will disassemble and reassemble your furniture for you, but there are a few exceptions. Most movers won’t bother dismantling your antiques, pool tables, or other furniture if it’s been glued or nailed together. They’re not willing to take the chance because they lack the woodworking knowledge and experience to reassemble the parts. Curtains, rods, shelves, light fixtures, and mirrors that are fastened or screwed to the wall or ceiling are also not disassembled by moving companies. It would be best if you were responsible for removing and packing items before the movers arrive.

Before loading, garden sheds, swing sets, home gyms, and hot tubs must be disassembled and reassembled at the new residence. The movers can recommend local companies that provide this service. During the in-home examination of the objects to be moved, if you are transporting a hot tub, be sure to display it to the moving consultant. Depending on the size of the hot tub, it may need to be transported by an external business, or you may be charged a bulky rate for transporting it on the moving truck. If necessary, your mover can recommend someone who can provide a selection for disassembly, reassembly, and transportation.

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The disassembly of furniture is tedious, time-consuming, and even hazardous. If you are unsure of your abilities to disassemble furniture securely, you should engage professionals. In addition, you do not have to worry about the damage that your insurance will not cover if you employ an expert. If you are in search of furniture removal professionals in Perth, feel free to visit our website!

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