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At Adlam Transport, our focus is to make your move as stress free as possible. When moving home, you may find yourself slightly overwhelmed. There can be so much to be done! The kids need new schools, pets to be transported, the list can seem endless – and each list is unique to your individual move. There are a few basics that apply to nearly every move, notifying services with your new address is one of them.

To give you a starting point, we have put together a list of companies and services to consider contacting with your new address when you are relocating. 


1) The Post Office– Drop into your local Australian Post Office or click here to fill out an online Post Redirect form.  There may be costs involved to redirecting mail, so make sure this is a necessary addition to your move.

2) Banks – Make a list of banks, credit card companies and any lending institutions . Even if you have gone paperless, it is still important to update your address with these companies. Don’t forget student loans!

3) Government Agencies – Australian Taxation Office, Australian Electoral Commission, Medicare, Rego, Drivers Licence, Concession Cards, local library, local council (pet registration). 

4) Utility Companies – Arrange for gas, electricity and internet at your new address and ensure to have services shut off at your current address at the appropriate time.

5) Insurance Companies – Car, health, pet, life and home/renters’ insurance.

6) Home Entertainment – Phone company, streaming services, online shopping and magazine subscriptions.

7) Doctor & Dentist – Try pick up some referrals from your current doctor and dentist. You can also have your records transferred across to your new health provider.

8) Current Employer – If you are not switching jobs when you move, make sure you give your employer your new address.

9) Superannuation Fund – Get in touch with your fund manager direct.

10) Family and friends – Most of us keep in contact with friends and family via social media and email. But do remember to give them your new address for visits and everyone loves birthday cards!

We hope you find this list useful. If you need any help or advise with your move, get in touch. Our friendly experienced team are always on hand to help.