10 Essential Items to Move From Your Normal Office into Your Home Office

Blog / 10 Essential Items to Move From Your Normal Office into Your Home Office

Working from home can feel quite different compared to working inside an office. With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting job sectors from across the world, companies are forced to make adjustments and have their employees work in the confines of their own homes. The good news is that working remotely has plenty of benefits like fewer distractions, a flexible working schedule, and a cosier work environment (depending on how well your home office is set up). If you have the opportunity of bringing stuff home from your normal office, it will certainly make your job that much easier. Should you need assistance from a professional removalist in Perth to move any belongings from your office to your home get in touch with Adlam Transport.


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Here are 10 essential items that we believe you should move from your normal office into your home office.

  1. A comfortable chair

Working at home means sitting for long hours and this can lead to postural problems like neck and back pain. An ergonomic chair can help alleviate these issues and provide the right support for your spine. The chair should have enough adjustability like arm height and tilt to make you feel comfortable throughout the day.

  1. Second monitor

Most people underestimate the power of a second monitor. If you multitask frequently between each activity, having a second display is always a good idea. You can keep multiple windows open and have a clear view of what you’re working on. Factor in your daily responsibilities and see how much of a difference a second monitor can make when working in your home office.

  1. Sound system

Having a good sound system can definitely set the tone inside your home office and get you amped up for work. While some people mistakenly use their sound systems to blast loud tunes, you should keep the volume levels down so you don’t end up getting distracted. Playing mellow tunes can also help you relax, especially when you’re dealing with stressful tasks.

  1. Office supplies

No office is complete without a set of office supplies. Even if you’re working at home, it pays to have a few pens, folders, notepads, and other office items in your desk. Physically writing things down makes it easier to remember as opposed to just using an in-app notepad on your smartphone. Plus, the added aesthetics of office items make your home office feel more of an actual workspace.

  1. Plants and scents

If you want your home office to have a stimulating atmosphere, you should definitely bring a few plants or even a scent diffuser with you. These items act as external stimuli and can help keep stress levels down to a minimum. Even using essential oils or incense can create a relaxing atmosphere and unlock your creativity even more.

  1. Backup drive

Your home office should come with a variety of backup options in case something goes wrong. If you already use a hard drive, you might want to sign up for a cloud-based backup service for additional storage. The ability to access your backup files both in the cloud and through hardware can come in quite handy when sudden computer failure occurs.

  1. Uninterruptable power supply (UPS)

An uninterruptable power supply is an electrical component that provides emergency power during a power outage. This device usually supplies power for a few minutes and gives you enough buffer time to save your work and shut down your computer safely. Power outages can cause intermittent problems to your computer and even reduce the lifespan of your hard disk.

  1. Printer/scanner

While most businesses operate paperless these days, it’s still worth having a printer or scanner around just in case you need them. Some clients may prefer to use paper when making transactions, making printers an essential part of any home office. Scanners also enable you to convert documents into digital data, which is crucial for backing up important files and papers.

  1. Laptop

Laptops are the go-to devices for remote work thanks to their portability and ease of use. You can use it pretty much anywhere you like and get work done whether you’re in the living room, in the front porch, or in your own bedroom. Even if you have a desktop station, it’s always a good idea to bring your laptop with you for when you want to work conveniently in your home.

  1. Wireless headset

A wireless headset with a noise-cancelling feature can prove invaluable to a home office. It isolates your ears from any outside noise and allows for extra mobility thanks to it being completely wireless. The convenience of using wireless headsets translates into better voice calls and video chats when using Skype or iChat.