Why You Should Avoid Cheap Removalist Companies in Perth

Blog / Why You Should Avoid Cheap Removalist Companies in Perth

As with any service, you get what you pay for. You might save a few bucks here and there with cheap removalists, but it’ll likely cost three times as much if you’re not careful. Moving in itself is already a stressful undertaking and you don’t want to add to that stress by working with removalist companies that aren’t experts at their own field. You don’t want untrusted companies to handle your valuable possessions while relocating, would you? Today we’ll be discussing why you should avoid low-cost removals services and why you should work with only proven professional removalist companies in Perth.

Risk of damage to your furniture

Cheap removalist companies offer inexpensive services for a reason. Most of them will advertise that they’re insured to lure in potential clients. The problem comes with claiming the insurance as they are quick to point fingers at the customer for sustaining damage to their furniture. Removalist companies can afford to lower their rates because of their quality of service. The staff are generally underpaid which translates to high turnover rates and inexperienced removalists. This increases the risk of damage to your furniture and property during the pre-packing, transportation, and unloading stages.

A large number of these companies charge cash and avoid tax, which means their chances of going through insurance companies to cover them is minimal at best. Reputable removalist companies guarantee insurance right from the start and assure their clients that their possessions are in the hands of industry professionals.

Lack of care for your belongings

The goal of cheap removalist companies is to move your belongings from A to B with little to no consideration of your prized possessions. If you own expensive chinaware or deluxe furniture, these items can end up getting scratched, chipped, or broken if you work with unproven removalists. You never know if they pay special attention to your delicate and fragile items and once unpacking time comes, you’re afraid to find out if any of your possessions have been damaged.

Low-cost removals services lack the right equipment to move your home and office efficiently. From furniture pads to moving blankets, these items are essential to keeping your belongings safe and protected throughout the entire moving process which most cheap removalist companies lack. They’ll likely use multiple mid-sized vans to transport your possessions and hurry their moves to charge you for extra delays.

That’s why it pays to outsource your relocation needs to a professional removing company. Most of them come equipped with large moving trucks that can comfortably accommodate even your biggest and most heaviest furniture. They have all the resources needed for a safe and reliable move and they’ll be sure to unload everything in your new home right on schedule.

Hidden costs that can balloon up your payment

It can be quite tempting to opt for the cheapest removals service if you have a tight budget. You browse online listings and have found a removalist company that offers inexpensive services and you immediately grab their deal. Do note however, that many affordable moving companies make money out of their clients by invoicing a number of hidden costs. Their services might seem affordable at first, but you’ll be surprised to see other charges that can balloon up your total payment.

If you’ve been kept on the line while the movers make a quick list of your belongings, it’s likely that they’re preparing additional charges come moving time. Be wary of inexpensive removalist companies as they will charge you with each item you failed to mention during their inventory. Such strategies are what many cheap removalist companies employ to bait their clients into an attractive pricing, only to slap you with hidden costs once moving day arrives.


Professional removalist companies don’t come cheap because they take the time and effort to make your next big move as stress-free as possible. They’ll meticulously pack your belongings and unload them gently to minimise the risk of damage to your furniture. You don’t get this luxury with cheap removalist companies. All they care about is relocating all of your possessions without paying attention to even the smallest of details. They operate way behind schedule and attempt to make excuses once things go south. The quality of service isn’t their and their after-sales support is dodgy in comparison.

The unreliability of these companies is reason enough to avoid them altogether. Encountering problems along the relocation process will only add unnecessary stress and potentially ruin your move. With a tried and tested removals company, they’ll always arrive on time and you can sit back, relax, and have a team of expert removalists handle the heavy lifting. Don’t be tempted by cheap removalist companies as not only will they complicate your move, but also end up costing more than what you initially paid for.