Top Tips for Picking a Removalist

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So you are about to move home! You have gone through all the motions and excitement of finding a new home, perhaps in a new suburb, maybe even new schools for the kids. You have also decided that you will hire a removalist to help move your precious belongings over….but who? And how?!

Here are some Top Tips you should consider when you are choosing a removalist:

Perform a quick audit of your home size and its’ contents

It may sound obvious, but before you call the removalists for quotes, take a walk around your house and take note of how much you are moving. This is a good start to your move anyway. Create a list of the major items in each room, such as large pieces of furniture. You should record every item, i.e. fridge, beds, tables and couches. For particularly large items, also note down their dimensions.

And don’t forget your outdoor items! BBQs, outdoor lounges and even pot plants all need to be moved.  If you have a garage or a shed, take a look inside and decide which items you want to take with you. Bicycles, lawnmowers and tools all need to be accounted for and will impact the cost of your move as they require different boxes to safely move them.

Get 3 different quotes

Ok, now you are ready for some quotes. There are a few factors that will come in to play when you call for a quote. Distance between pick-up and drop-off locations, the volume of contents to move and insurance will all impact your quote. A good removalist company will be able to explain the different costs involved and help you manage and even reduce your costs. They will charge an hourly rate so be as honest as possible when you are talking about how many items you need to move. Some companies will be able to send out a representative to perform a survey to help guide you. Ask for this facility if you are unsure.

Check if they are AFRA Accredited (Australian Furniture Removalist Association)

So you have checked out a few companies and are starting to get a feel for the different options out there. Your next port of call is to check the list of accredited members on the AFRA website.

Are they members of AFRA? AFRA are the official body of removal experts that help to regulate the removals industry. They are consulted by Government departments before they make decisions about the industry. A removals company that is a member of AFRA is bound by a code of conduct and must have met their strict guidelines in order to have become a member.

View their members list here.

Don’t always go with the cheapest quote

Remember the saying ‘Buy cheap buy twice’? Keep this in mind when you are choosing a removalist too. Moving house is a big thing! Do not risk your precious goods with a company purely based on the fact that they are ‘cheap’. Get a good feel for the company, check if they have a premises and ask some questions; How long they are in business? How many trucks do they have? One company may not have the back-up trucks to help you on the day if your move is bigger than expected, or something goes wrong with their truck.  Are they an AFRA member?

 Check out what other services the company have to offer you

A good removalist company will be able to offer you additional services to make your move easier. For example, prepack and unpack services, additional boxes and butcher paper (for your fragile items), as well as vacate cleans. They should also offer you insurance for your move, particularly if it is an interstate move.

 Check for previous customer reviews online.

This one is easy, just like asking your friends for a referral.  Simply Google the company’s name and put ‘reviews’ at the end of your search phrase. Have a look at the various different review sites and see what previous customers have to say. And check out their Facebook page – how active are they?

There are so many companies that you can choose from out there, and they all will have different offerings. The trick is to simply follow the above steps to help you find the best removalist company for your needs.