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So you’ve decided to take that job! Or you’ve finally landed your dream house in the suburbs. Time to prepare for the move, and moving with children can be stressful.  

Our house removalists have tons of experience helping people with their home moves, and have helped us put together some tips they have picked up along the way from our customers.







  • Involve the kids from day one – If possible, bring them to their new home. If your move is further than a local move, show them pictures of the new house, the new area, maps and amenities. Can they choose their bedroom from the pictures you have? Ask their opinion on colour schemes and how they would like their new room to look.
  • New school? if possible organise a play date so the kids will have formed some relationships in their new area. Introduce them to any new recreational clubs in your new area. Make it fun!
  • Declutter – As with your own items, use this as an opportunity to declutter. Excite the children by suggesting they hold a garage sale and give them their own responsibilities. They can price and tag at your instruction! You could perhaps decide that the proceeds of the garage sale will go to buying a fab family item for the new home – a big TV or a new computer for example.

You could also create a donations bag of old toys/clothes that are no longer used.

  • Consider a ‘See you at our new place’ Party – One of the biggest challenges for a child when moving is saying goodbye to their friends. The removals team recently did a house move for a client who hosted a ‘See you at our new place’ party and not a ‘Goodbye’ party. Ensure everyone at the party exchanges contact details. Have a picture of their new home to show to their friends and write a note on the back of it. This can help create a visual for the children.
  • Packing Up – Think about what they’ll need for a cosy happy first night in their new home by giving each child a box to put their most precious possessions in – favourite teddy bear, blanket, pyjamas. This box will become one of your priority boxes! Pre order your packing boxes from your removalist.

** Don’t forget chargers for iPads! **

  • Your Priority Box – You might want to avoid unpacking on your first night so pack a priority bag – it will travel with you and hold all your essentials for when you get to your new home. Remove hassle by keeping plates and cups handy for an easy meal – Gather the gang and order in a pizza so you can all relax on your first night.
  • Camping! – Are you waiting for your furniture to arrive the following day? Set up the tents for your first night in the sitting room! The children will love the novelty of camping in their new home on their first night.

For more help and tips to make your home move and smooth and hassle free as possible, contact our team at Adlam Transport today.