The Top 5 Most Frequently Left Behind Items When Moving

Blog / The Top 5 Most Frequently Left Behind Items When Moving

To help you out with your next home move (or entertain you….. you choose..!) We have researched from both the web and our own staff here at Adlam Transport and compiled the top 5 items, most frequently left behind by homeowners when they move and it’s not always furniture! We hope these help you….

1. Cutlery in the dishwasher

It is unbelievably common to leave some stuff behind! It’s understandable, with the stress of the move and packing up everything, that cutlery in the dishwasher is easily overlooked. Make sure you do one last scan of all drawers before you go. And don’t forget the washing machine either!

2. Pets – Yes, pets!

How anyone can leave their pet behind is beyond me (my partner on the other hand…). Anyway, a study in the UK involving 1400 landlords revealed that people left behind cats, ferrets, and even snakes. A nice housewarming present for the new residents.

One new homeowner backed up this theory in the US. After moving into her new home, she discovered that the former residents had left behind their pregnant cat! ‘As soon as we opened the door, this cat strolled in and started meowing at the cabinet where the family must have kept her cat food’. Although it’s very possible that the cat escaped from its new digs and found its own way back to its old ‘home’.

3. Clothing

Have you checked all your wardrobes? The top press? In the spare room? Go into all the rooms and check again in all the wardrobes, you may find a few items in there! Are you leaving behind a washing machine or a dryer? Check in there too!. Need some help picking a removalist? Here are some handy tips.

4. Chargers

A small and unobtrusive piece of furniture, your charger is also hidden in little corners BUT, one of your most used and important items! With the stress and business of the move, many people run out the door concentrating on other things rather than the smaller ones.

Pro Tip – Make sure look in behind some of those awkward spaces before you go!

5. Money

Again, I do not know how anyone can leave behind money.  But this is one of the top items that people leave behind. Money has been found stashed behind radiators, stashed in walls and all those ‘safe hiding places’ that we put things into! A report from PerfectAgent, an online UK based estate agent unveiled that almost two-thirds of people surveyed had left items behind, left money behind!

To help ensure you don’t leave anything behind, a professional removalist team like Adlam Transport can help take the stress of moving away. Feel free to give us a call on contact us online today.