The Difference Between Small Movers and Big Moving Companies

Blog / The Difference Between Small Movers and Big Moving Companies

Moving can be a stressful undertaking. You have to pack dozens of moving boxes and sort out the logistics aspect of the entire relocation process. It’s no surprise that many homeowners outsource this task to professional movers to save their time and energy. When it comes to moving services, you generally have two options: hire small movers or opt for a big-time moving company. On paper, their services may appear the same, but there are several differences that make them more suited to specific moving situations. It is always worth while considering engaging with a removals company in Perth who can take much of the stress off your hands.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ll be highlighting the differences between small movers and big moving companies.

Industry standing

Big moving companies are favored by many consumers simply because they offer a more comprehensive service. They cater to both homeowners and business owners who are looking to move into a new home or relocate to a more spacious office. Well-established moving companies have a reputation to uphold, meaning their services are held to a higher standard compared to small-time operators. You can’t go wrong with choosing big moving companies, especially if you have plenty of furniture and belongings to move with you.

Small movers on the other hand, can only handle a few moving tasks at a time. But that doesn’t mean they can’t provide a high-quality service to satisfy their clients. Small movers are great if you’re moving within the city and you don’t have a lot of furniture to bring with you. Their services are also cheaper compared to big moving companies. If you’re looking to move into a neighbourhood nearby, hiring small-time operators may be the better choice.

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Resources and manpower

From hand trucks and appliance trolleys to 26 feet moving trucks equipped with GPS, big moving companies both have the manpower and equipment to make moving a breeze. No matter the size of your home or business, their team of professional removalists can make quick work of loading and unloading your furniture. Big moving companies also have plenty of industry connections which can facilitate the entire logistics aspect and complete the moving process at a much faster rate.

What small movers lack in resources, they make up for it with skill and experience. Small-time operators are well-known throughout the local community and are quite familiar with the needs of their clients. This can lead to better client relationships and a tailor-made service that rivals that of big moving companies. Having limited manpower can sometimes prove advantageous as they can focus more on addressing their client’s requests rather than handling multiple moving jobs at the same time.

Speed of service

Big moving companies have a leg up in terms of speed of service. They can move their clients according to schedule, regardless of whether they’re moving to the next city or even interstate. They employ a number of professional removalists that specialize in different jobs like packing goods and transporting furniture. An operations manager oversees the entire move so that everything is flowing as smoothly as possible.

This is where small removalists find themselves at a disadvantage. Because they don’t have the manpower nor the equipment to facilitate a move, it may take them a bit longer to move their clients. They may not be able to perform across the country moves for some of their clients. But if you’re moving to a close location, small-town operators are more than enough for your needs. Chances are they know the best routes to take on their local community, which can help speed up the moving process just a bit.

Quality of service

Not all moving companies provide the same level of service. Some are above-average while others are just downright incompetent. We recommend doing your research when choosing a moving company like reading customer reviews, asking for feedback from previous clients you may know of, and gathering enough information on the web. A reputable company with a proven track record will be more than willing to answer any questions you may have and assure you of the quality of their service.

The same applies to small movers. Just ask within your local community about the best small-time movers in town and you’re bound to get a few recommendations. The great thing about small movers is that there are only a few of them around in your neighbourhood so you won’t have to struggle with filtering who’s competent and who’s not. Still, it’s best to do a thorough background check so you know what to expect with their services.

At the end of the day, choosing between a small mover and a big moving company will boil down to your specific needs. Make sure to compare the differences between these two moving services to help make your next big move as stress-free as possible.