How to pull off an epic garage sale before you move

Blog / How to pull off an epic garage sale before you move

The old age garage sale motto still exists: One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

You’re getting ready to move, the removalists have been booked but you still need to pack up your home. Ask yourself – how much of what you’re packing do you really need?

Let’s face it, the less items you have to pack the easier it is on you, so why not channel your energy and unwanted belongings with a garage sale instead. A little extra cash would be nice wouldn’t it?

When we’re not busy with removals in Perth, we don’t mind a good old garage sale. So here are our tips and takeaways for making it a profitable event for you.

1. Get organised
Holding a garage sale can take up a lot of time, but if you plan ahead it can be a fun experience. Make sure you give yourself enough time to pull your sale items together for the date you plan to hold it. And if you happen to be packing around October then why not host it as part of Australia’s Garage Sale Trail.

2. Promote
How much you advertise your garage sale is entirely up to you, but the more effort you put in, the more attention you’re likely to receive. There’s many ways you can get your word out:

And of course make sure you have plenty of signage on the day. At the front of your house and near all the main roads leading to your sale.

3. Sort it all out
Think of your garage sale as a department store and categorise all of your items. Place your big ticket or popular items at the front to entice shoppers and neatly arrange all of your things.

People don’t want to be sifting through boxes so make sure you hang clothes on portable racks and place books on shelves. The more visually appealing you can make it, the more foot traffic you’ll get.

4. Pricing
Use the Goldilocks effect when pricing your items – not too low, not too high, but just right. Remember, you’re dealing with bargain hunters so there will be some haggling involved.

If you’re not sure what to price something then jump on eBay and take a look at what the equivalent has been sold at. You’ll get an idea of what people are prepared to pay.

Make sure to label your items with masking tape or stickers that can peel off easily.

5. Setup
We touched on making your sale visually appealing, so make sure you take note when setting up. Leave enough room for people to walk in and around your items so it doesn’t give off a crammed feeling.

Have batteries and an electrical outlet available to test items, and if possible have some bags and boxes on hand should your bargain hunters have trouble carrying everything back to their car or home.

Organise change with different denominations. How many times have you tried to pay for something that cost $5 and all you had was a $50 note? And keep your cash close to you at all times such as a bum bag or apron to avoid theft.

Don’t leave setting up until the last minute. Get it all done the night before because the last thing you want is some early risers walking up your driveway and you’re not ready for them. Just because you advertise a 9am start doesn’t mean they won’t come at 8am!

All that’s left is for you to have fun with it and enjoy the day. Anything you sell is extra money in your pocket and less things for you to pack. But, if you do need help packing when you move, our Perth removalists can also give you a hand with that.

Happy selling!