How to Minimise Downtime During an Office Move

Blog / How to Minimise Downtime During an Office Move

Moving an entire working office to a new location sounds like the stuff of waking nightmares, and it certainly has the potential to become one if not handled effectively and expediently. There are several key strategies to employ in undertaking any move of this kind, and this article will examine them and offer tips and tricks that the Adlam Transport team have picked up over the years.

Start early and seek professional help

Hiring a professional commercial moving company like Adlam Transport is undoubtedly the best course of action and will significantly increase efficiency, thereby reducing downtime. With their expertise, experience, and resources, it is wise to engage the services of professionals and view it as an investment in time-saving rather than an unwanted expense. Any moving company worth its salt will also offer pre-move packing services when required and turn the process into a streamlined exercise. Experienced movers can also be expected to:

  • Pack/transport equipment and furniture with care
  • Minimise the chance of damage 
  • Reduce delays
  • Entrust the preparatory and practical logistics of the move to a professional team, and you will not regret it. The time you save can be more effectively spent focusing on other areas of the business and facilitating the transition in different ways. 

Create a detailed plan and realistic timeline

This can be done in conjunction with your chosen moving professionals, and it will help them out as it gives a better understanding of the timeline and fixed dates when the move must occur. Without proper planning, minimising downtime is nothing more than wishful thinking; if it happens, it will be mainly by chance. Nobody can expect every element of the plan to be executed like clockwork, but any decent plan will have contingencies for delays and unavoidable alterations. The more organised you can be upfront, the smoother and more efficient everything will be once the dust flies and the boxes start moving. Essential factors for your moving checklist include:

  • All tasks to be completed
  • Milestone dates/events 
  • Deadlines (disassembling equipment/furniture, packing, and notifying clients/employees/business partners about the change of location

Planning allows you to view the upcoming move objectively rather than trying to put out an ever-increasing number of fires once the bedlam begins. Have a strategy in place, think of everything that could go wrong, and mitigate it. The list of questions will be long, and it will take time and effort to be fully prepared. Still, by planning and creating a sensible working checklist, you give yourself the best chance of identifying issues before they arise and putting plans in place to prevent unnecessary delays and disruption. 

Designate a specific coordinator for the move

Even if this happens to be you, it is sensible to officially declare one individual (or more in the case of larger concerns) to be the go-to person for all things move-related. They may not have all the answers or be responsible for mistakes and unforeseen outcomes, but having a willing controller at the head of the ship is a lot easier. They can liaise with the moving experts and organise a situation that can quickly become an out-of-hand free-for-all if not carefully handled. Designated move coordinators are also more likely to effectively:

  • Communicate with employees
  • Ensure the schedule is adhered to 
  • Troubleshoot and record any concerns
  • Streamline the decision-making process 
  • Help prevent delays 
  • Reduce miscommunication

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We hope this guide gives you the confidence to plan and execute a perfect office relocation. As with any move, the stress of the situation can threaten to unravel all your hard work if you let it, so don’t be afraid to rely on your professional team and let them take the lead when tensions rise. If you would like to find out more about the professional Perth office relocation services offered by Adlam Transport, please get in touch today, and we will be happy to discuss your upcoming move.