Furniture removals and home staging: preparing your home for a quick sale

Blog / Furniture removals and home staging: preparing your home for a quick sale

Putting your home on the market can be both an exciting and stressful exercise. There is excitement for your next move mixed in with concern about how well-received your home will be by prospective buyers. Understanding how to stage your home to sell can make a remarkable difference to the time your property is on the market and relieve some of the stresses associated with selling.

First impressions

From the moment a prospective buyer arrives at the front of your property, they are taking in every detail. Curb appeal, the condition of the garden, ease of access and even the neighbouring properties. When considering how to stage your home to sell, every aspect of your property needs to be included in the process. There is nothing more important than when prospective buyers take that first step inside. It can be quite a simple process to give your home that wow factor through staging. Let’s explore some of the ways the interior of your home can be presented to make it as appealing as possible.


Your home is filled with personal items that may make it a beautiful environment for you and your family, however, minimising the personal touches can make a prospective buyer feel more comfortable. A simple way around this is to partially pack in advance of your move. You could store your initial boxes with a reputable moving company such as Adlam Transport but be sure to leave a few decorative items that will help showcase your property. Keep in mind that staging your home to sell is a process that aims to make the property appealing to the widest demographic, so the safest way to go is with generic furnishings and décor.

Have a garage sale

When looking at how to stage your home for sale, you may find it is the ideal moment to clean out anything you no longer need or want. As you sort through your items and decide what can go into short-term storage and what needs to stay, either for practical or decorative reasons, place anything you prefer to get rid of to one side. Have a garage sale, donate it to a charity, gift it to friends, or simply take it to the tip. This will put you way ahead of the game when it comes to moving and unpacking in your new home.

Furniture choices

To present your home in the best possible light, you may need to make yourself a little less comfortable in the short term. For example, bulky furniture that you absolutely love may make a room look small. The best solution is to send it to storage and replace it with smaller items you have around your home. It can be as simple as removing a large cabinet that may dominate the room and placing a few plants instead, creating an illusion of more space. Removalists do not need to take everything at once. There can be an initial collection and storage ahead of the final move, giving you total freedom to stage your home in the most appealing way.

The entryway

First impressions are important. Make sure your front door is free from any clutter. Depending on the size of your entryway, you could place a small table with a vase on one side or position a large plant for visual appeal. If it is quite a small space, make sure the floor space is completely free to create the best illusion of space for the person entering. If you have a small entryway to your home, but there is room outside, a piece of garden art or a few potted plants grouped to the side can also add to the appeal of entering your home.

The kitchen

Everyone has a kitchen arranged to be functional for their personal needs. When your home is on the market, you need to think more about how to stage your home for sale rather than convenience and practicality. Pack away or hide any large items that take up excessive bench space, such as a microwave if it is not built in, a food processor, or other bulky appliances. Keep in mind that people will be looking inside your kitchen cupboards as well, so reducing the contents there can also give an impression of extra space. The main aim is to make your kitchen appealing with bare benches and neat cupboards so prospective buyers can envisage their own belongings in that space. A fruit bowl or an egg basket can make a nice decorative touch if you feel your benches are too bare.


Bedrooms are one of the most personal spaces we have within our homes. They can also be one of the most cluttered spaces, particularly in the case of a child’s bedroom. Being such a personal space, it can be hard to envisage how to stage your home for sale in these rooms. Think of a hotel room. They have the bare essentials yet still manage to look appealing. The fewer personal items on display, the better. This is another area where a preliminary pack and storage can help you achieve the desired results. When staging your bedrooms, remove any items from bedside tables, such as medication or jewellery. Have toys neatly arranged or packed away. Present your bed as if you are trying to sell that too. It is the most dominating feature of a bedroom, so your bed is something that impacts that first impression.

Living areas

Achieving a magazine-worthy living area can be done with a few small tweaks. Think about your furniture placement. Staging your home is all about appearances, not your personal needs. That comfortable chair you have in the middle of the room because it’s the best place to see the television, for example, could be placed in a corner to create a small nook with a side table. Additional furniture and items that make the place feel like home, but also give the appearance of a smaller room could be stored by your removalist. The trick is to keep enough in the room to make it welcoming but not so much that your personal items overwhelm prospective buyers.

Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers are some of the most useful items you can use to boost the appearance of a room. If you have minimised your furniture and feel the room is a little bare or too impersonal, a few decorative pot plants will go a long way to rectify this. For a small expenditure, you will gain a huge impact on how your home is presented to potential buyers. How to stage your home for sale comes down to making it look as nice and inviting as possible, and a few well-placed pot plants will help you achieve that.

Knowing you are halfway there when you go to do the final pack is something that can go a long way to reducing your stress levels when it comes to your big move. Throughout the staging process and the ultimate final move, your removalists are a key factor in making sure it all goes smoothly. A trusted company such as Adlam Transport can help to pack, remove and store your belongings to help with staging. Your items will be well cared for pending the move to your new home.