Employee Well-being During an Office Move: How to Keep Your Team Motivated

Blog / Employee Well-being During an Office Move: How to Keep Your Team Motivated

Employee Well-being During an Office Move: How to Keep Your Team Motivated

As a business changes and grows, office moves are often inevitable. While relocating to new premises promises exciting times ahead, it can also place a lot of stress on staff and their morale. Naturally, there will be disruptions to the work routine during the packing and moving process, and employees can even be left feeling uncertain about what the future holds post-move.

However, there are ways to alleviate any uncertainty, ensure morale remains high and make the transition as seamless as possible for everyone involved. Read on to discover some timely tips to make the process easier for all members of staff.

Transparent communication is essential

The simplest way to make sure everyone is put at ease is to keep them informed every step of the way. When the impending move is announced, it’s a wise idea to communicate the reasons for the move. If it’s because the company is experiencing phenomenal growth, then information like this spells great news for everyone and transforms the moving process from something disruptive and laborious to exciting.

Provide plenty of notice so everyone has a chance to prepare and also keep everybody up to date on changes to work schedules, new office layouts and any other information that affects everyone. Holding a general meeting to discuss the move allows you to convey important details to the entire staff and also allows everyone to have a say and voice any concerns.

Get everyone involved in the moving process

As cliche as it is, many hands do indeed make light work. Even with the help of professional movers on the day, there is much to do in the lead-up to moving day, on moving day, and getting things organised and set up at the new location. A team effort where everyone is involved will certainly make the process faster, more efficient and share the workload.

Employees will also feel more enthusiastic about the move when they’re directly involved in the process and feel they have some control over the outcome. Assign specific tasks to each employee, something they’ll be capable of handling and perhaps even consider providing some moving perks or bonuses to boost staff morale. Maybe even host a party at the new location once everyone is settled in?

Confirm everyone’s future within the organisation

If you were to survey employees in any business in Australia and they were truthful in their answers, most would probably state they feel uncertain about their job security. When a business decides to make a major move to a new location, this can lead to fears of even less job security.

When the move is announced and before preparations get underway, it’s vital that leadership within the company affirms everyone’s future in the organisation is secure and staff won’t be getting laid off or replaced following the move’s completion.

Provide support and resources for employees

Being a logistical challenge where disruptions are unavoidable, it’s important for employers to provide support and resources for staff members during this time. This will make the entire process much smoother and far less stressful.

Provide packing materials such as boxes, tape, marker pens, bubble wrap and notepads. Offering employees flexible working arrangements, such as reduced hours and working remotely, can also be beneficial in reducing stress and increasing productivity leading up to and during the move.

Make your office move stress-free

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