Domestic Issues to Address Before You Move In

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So you’ve found a place to live, begun packing, and are almost ready to relocate. Kudos! But, before you fill up that moving truck, think about what you’re actually going into. 

Whether the house is older or newer, you’re likely to inherit a few oddities and concerns. You should identify most issues during the home’s inspection before closing. Following a study of the concerns, you may consider which house problems to address before settling in and which to postpone. 

After all, some problems are more severe than others. Broken window coverings and damaged light fixtures, for example, can generally wait until after you relocate. On the other hand, other difficulties should be addressed before bringing a truckload of furniture and things inside. We’ve listed common household issues that you must address right away.

  • Pest issues

Nothing beats a terrible bug infestation to dampen the enthusiasm for a new house. Believe us when we say that after weeks of packing and unpacking, the last thing you would like to find is a significant bug infestation anywhere in your new house. 

We suggest getting a pest control professional to inspect and appraise the home before moving in to prevent this. If there is a current issue, you should treat the house as quickly as feasible. The home may be treated by spraying harmful chemicals or fumigating it with a gas type. If you must spray the house, it is best to do so before entering, as exposure to pesticides is not suitable for anyone. 

If fumigation is required, you will be unable to remain in your home for at least a few days afterwards. By catching this problem early, you’ll be able to concentrate on unpacking and arranging rather than an uncomfortable bug problem.

  • Drafty windows

How do drafty windows affect the inside temperature when moving in the cold? Replacing outdated windows with new, energy-efficient ones may not be bad. 

While some homeowners put it off, we advocate doing it before moving in. After you’ve closed on the house, hire a window firm to come out and take measurements and provide a price for new windows. 

If you decide to proceed, make plans to have all of the new windows installed in the home before moving day. What’s the reason? Removing existing windows and putting in new ones is a time-consuming task that will undoubtedly annoy anyone living in the house.

  • The aroma of cigarette smoke

Is there a cigarette odour in the house? We recommend removing as much of the odour as possible before relocating. Otherwise, you and your stuff will smell like cigarette smoke.

The odour can degrade your indoor air quality as it is also overpowering. To get the tobacco smoke odour out of the house, open the windows and air out the inside as much as possible. 

After that, have all of the carpeting and air ducts cleaned thoroughly. White vinegar should be used to clean the walls and wash down the surfaces. Furthermore, clean the HVAC’s evaporator coil with soap and water to avoid cigarette odours from entering your air ducts. 

  • Defective appliances

Appliances are products that you will most likely utilize on a daily basis in your new house. For example, your new fridge, freezer, washer, dryer, oven, and dishwasher will almost certainly be used immediately.

Difficulties with these will only make it more difficult to unload and settle in. After all, if you can’t wash your dishes or clothing, you’ll spend your first week in your new house dissatisfied and irritated.

When you buy a new appliance, it can take weeks, if not months, to arrive. Then you must arrange an installation. To guarantee this is completed before moving in, test all appliances following closing and make preparations for fresh stuff as soon as feasible.

  • Structural flaws

Any structural issues in your new house are highly likely to have been identified during the home visit. Believe us when we suggest that these problems be addressed before moving in. 

Otherwise, you can be moving into a dangerous house. Water leak, roof damage, electrical problems, drywall damage, or sloping flooring are just a few examples of structural issues with a property. All of these structural flaws, if left unaddressed, might lead to much worse problems with the property later on. We recommend repairing any structural issues before moving in to guarantee that the site is safe and livable for years to come.

  • Concerns about appearance

While minor cosmetic issues can be corrected after the relocation, larger-scale cosmetic alterations must be completed before moving in. Painting a complete house while living in it, for example, is unpleasant and impractical. 

Furniture and belongings will have to be covered, protected, or moved. You’ll also have to leave the house for a bit while the painters work. Furthermore, the house will need to be aired out before the owners can return. 

Repairing the floor or walls, completely sanitizing the interiors, refinishing wood floors, or other substantial house modifications, such as a kitchen redesign, may also be required before relocating.

Are you relocating soon?

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