Could You Be A Hoarder?

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Whether you view hoarding as a personal trait or an amusing personality quirk, there is no doubt that this habit can become a real issue when moving home. More possessions mean more time, money, and hassle, so it’s a good idea to work out whether you are a hoarder now rather than later. Ask yourself the questions in the next section and try to answer them honestly. If you answer yes to more than a couple of them, there’s a good chance that hoarding is in your nature! If you are looking for the best removalist Perth, check out our homepage!

An Enthusiastic Collector or a Hoarder?

After answering the following questions, you will have a much better idea of whether you are a full-on hoarder or just somebody who likes to collect beautiful objects.

  • Are There No-Go Areas in Your Home? If there are rooms in your home that nobody else can use because they are full of all the things you have accumulated over the years, this is a clear sign that you may have a problem with hoarding. If you fully intended to use the spare bedroom as a display area for your antique china collection that’s a different matter but if you have inadvertently taken over one or more rooms of your house with your clutter, you may have a problem.
  • Do You Find It Difficult to Throw Away Things That You Never Use? If you have wardrobes stuffed with clothes that you will never fit into again, cupboards full of toys that your children grew out of long ago, or any other unwanted and unused items that you simply cannot bear to part with, it may be time to admit that you are something of a hoarder.
  • Do You Avoid Inviting Friends to Your Home? If your home is so full of junk that you are embarrassed to invite friends and family around, now is probably a good time to re-evaluate your hoarding habit and make some positive changes.
  • Are Many of Your Possessions Basically Worthless? People that find themselves holding on to things with little to no monetary or sentimental value should take a closer look at their habit of ‘collecting’ and think about whether it has turned into a hoarding issue.
  • Do You Have Stacks of Unread Magazines? If you subscribe to magazines that you never have time to read and have a collection going back years that you promise yourself you are going to read one day, you may very well be a hoarder.
  • Do You Have a Mountain of Broken Appliances Hidden Away? If you have a room full of broken toasters, worn-out kettles, and malfunctioning rice cookers that you are sure you are going to get around to fixing, ask yourself whether you might be better off disposing of the whole lot.

If hoarding hasn’t actually taken over your whole life, there’s no need to panic. However, if you are planning to move home in the near future, you may want to consider losing some of your old junk before calling in the removals Perth team.