Benefits of Relocating Your Office

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If you’re currently deciding to embark on an office relocation, it is an exhilarating time. Office relocations happen for many reasons, from company expansion to changing cities. Office relocations can be the catalyst for implementing innovative ways of working. Moving offices allows your organisation to reassess how you work now, and can you use your new office space to strengthen the sustainability of your organisation and promote growth. Throughout the article you should always consider how engaging with a professional office removals company in Perth could assist you!

Boost Productivity

If your office is bursting at the seams and you cannot fit another person into your space, you have obviously outgrown your office space – and you don’t need an expert to tell you this! A congested and overcrowded office space means that the company will be unable to accommodate a growing workforce, and employees will not be able to complete their tasks efficiently, it can hold you back.

A larger office space offers flexibility and space for future company growth and allows for best practice ways of working to be incorporated into the new space. E.g. Agile working. A fresh, new working environment designed around the way your staff work will boost morale and the productivity of your employees, as they work efficiently and effectively in the space.

Implement Flexible Working

Does your organisation offer employees flexible environments or do you have lots of built offices and workstation pods? Are there designated spaces where staff can collaborate or do staff have to sit at a desk all day? Does your floor space now include quiet zones for focus activities or relaxing breakout areas? New ways of working and supporting technologies may seem difficult to implement in your existing office. An office relocation gives you the opportunity to plan the new space around your employee’s styles of working giving them flexibility between work environments.

With a blank floor plate, creating a flexible working space with focus areas, touch down points and employee lunch-areas will become easier and will allow you to customise the space to suit your organisation and ways of working. Implementing new and innovative ways of working are a great way to attract and retain talent.

Office Relocation

Lower Costs

Could relocating offices reduce your overheads? Could you make better use of your existing office space? Could using best practice design methodologies allow you to downsize to a smaller floor plate, resulting in less rent? While there are obviously going to be expenses involved in an office relocation, in the bigger picture it can be an investment rather than an expense because operating costs in a new location may be measurably lower.

Relocating your business brings the opportunity to implement agile working into your office design. Creating an agile workplace can significantly reduce costs through the efficient use of space and resources. An office relocation is a great opportunity for moving to the most efficient and effective technology to support the way your employees work, to save you and your team time and money.

Top Tip: If your office lease is up for renewal in the next year, why not review the cost benefits of staying put or relocating? Request our office space checklist!

Grow your company

A new space using best practices methods of working allows your employees to work more effectively and productively, improving the profitability of your company. New offices look more impressive in the eyes of prospective employees and would be a point of attraction to work in an office in an innovative and supportive environment.

Enhance your brand

Employees, future employees, and clients will learn a lot about your brand and culture from the look of your offices. Relocating to a new office location allows you to bring your office into line with your company branding, reflecting who you are, and what you represent. The style, tone, and purpose of company branding often change as a company grows, so when you look to move offices, you will have the ability to elevate and update your built environment in line with the message you want to portray about your organisation.

To gain positive results from an office move, you need to carry out detailed research on your new office location. Consider following an office space check-list to plan your move and determine the best office space for your business. By doing so, you can be certain that all your business’s needs are met and begin to reap the aforesaid benefits of relocating it to a new location.