10 Ways To Avoid Losing Items During A Move

Blog / 10 Ways To Avoid Losing Items During A Move

Moving to a new home might be one of the most challenging and stressful experiences of your life if you don’t plan ahead. This journey can make you feel like something is always lost or broken during a relocation, but it doesn’t always have to be this way. You can avoid misplacing items and lessen the stress of relocating with the help of a moving company and the appropriate technique. In this article, we will be going over 10 ways to avoid losing items during a move!

1. Get Insurance 

This is a crucial part of moving because it ensures that you will be compensated in the case of lost or damaged items. Standard compensation for lost or damaged goods supplied to movers has released value protection. You can purchase Full Worth Protection for an extra fee, which requires them to compensate you for the item’s total value, replace it with the same item, or provide you with an item of comparable value. Check your homeowner’s insurance policy to determine what is covered. You should also determine whether your moving firm offers insurance if your policy is deficient. Consider getting a separate moving insurance policy if you’re not utilising professional movers or if you’d need additional coverage.

2. Create an organised list

You’ll be surprised at how much a comprehensive, detailed list will be a significant advantage when you move. Create a complete list of everything you intend to bring with you, and you can do this while packing. As you move from room to room, establish an inventory of your belongings and devices. You should also indicate which room you packed your stuff in. The more specific and orderly this list is, the less likely you will lose something. 

3. Pack the essentials first

As soon as you enter your new residence, you will likely begin looking for certain goods. Pack a separate bag of necessities to ensure that you and everyone in your household will have all you need for the first few days in your new home. You may wish to keep these essentials separate from the remaining moving boxes. Consider transporting them in your own vehicle. Even if it takes a few days to find everything while you are unpacking, you and your loved ones will have all your essentials in your possession, and you won’t be worried or concerned about losing something important.

4. Pack according to each room

Packing one room at a time is an excellent approach to ensure you don’t lose anything, even if it takes longer and is more tedious. When you are not constantly moving between rooms, you are less likely to misplace an item or put it in the incorrect container. When dealing with one room at a time, it is much simpler to label things according to the room they will be in.

5. Place a label on everything

Adding labels to the boxes can make it easier to determine where each item belongs. On the top and sides of each box, write the room’s name where each item will be placed in your new home. In addition, remember to label all the fragile items so sufficient care can be taken, hence decreasing the possibility that your items will be damaged.

6. Utilise Ziploc bags

There is nothing worse than moving into a new home and discovering you’ve misplaced an important part of your furniture. Even the smallest component can have a significant impact. Using Ziploc bags to store tiny objects eliminates the risk of losing them. These are useful for computer and electronic wires, screws, nuts, bolts, and any other small object. This can make the entire relocation and the process of unpacking considerably simpler.

7. Don’t place your valuables on the moving truck

Even if you choose the most trusted moving company available, there are certain goods you shouldn’t entrust in their possession. It is a no-brainer to carry your personal and vital items, such as photo albums and essential documents because you never know what may occur during your move. If you are uncertain whether an item can be packed and transported on the moving truck, check with the firm you have hired first. 

8. Be mindful of your electronic devices

Living in the modern era, it is no secret that our devices have become an essential part of our lifestyles by allowing us to communicate with our peers and be informed about current events all over the globe. With so many different gadgets and electronics to keep track of (cellphones, personal computers, video game consoles, etc.), we must make sure they’re secure and safe from damage.

9. Don’t sign anything unless all your things have been checked

After a few days of moving heavy boxes and organising your belongings, you might call it a day and head to bed. But you have to ensure that all of your belongings have been delivered to you prior to signing the inventory document stating that they have. Do not allow the delivery driver or the moving company to hurry you through this final step. If you sign the page before verifying that all of your possessions are present, it may be difficult to file a complaint if you find out that certain items are missing.

10. Research about your movers

The final thing you can do to ensure a smooth move is to study the movers before hiring them. 

You may get a decent sense of the service by reading internet reviews and comments about their services. If you are still undecided on who will help you move, feel free to check out the removals service in Geraldton! We ensure to assist you with all your moving needs alongside professionals and our high-class workforce.