10 Biggest Packing Mistakes That You Should Avoid Doing

Blog / 10 Biggest Packing Mistakes That You Should Avoid Doing

There’s more to packing than just putting things inside moving boxes. Like with most things, packing your belongings requires careful planning and thought. Everything from the way you pack to when you start packing can determine how successful your move can be. Packing in itself can be quite stressful and the last thing you want is to over-complicate the process. With that said, here are 10 common packing mistakes most people make that you should definitely avoid to ensure a hassle-free move.



1. Using the wrong sized boxes

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is using random-sized boxes. While it’s a good idea to recycle old liquor boxes or fruit boxes, it does make it difficult to achieve a more uniform pack job in the truck. To save you the hassle of sorting things out, use designated moving boxes that come in three main sizes: small, medium, and large. This makes stacking the boxes much easier and you won’t have a hard time sorting things out come unpacking time.

2. Too heavy of a moving box

Another mistake most people make is stashing heavy items in a single box. Not only does it make the box difficult to carry, but it also compromises the integrity of the box as well. How many times have you seen people carrying a really heavy box and all of a sudden the items start falling from the bottom? To avoid this, distribute heavy items in several moving boxes and make sure the box weighs no more than 40 pounds.

3. Not packing correctly

Fragile items like picture frames, porcelain, fine china, and platters should be wrapped with bubble wrap and inserted with thin cardboard in between. This helps cushion the items during transportation and minimise the risk of breaking. You should also pack food separately and use furniture pads and packing peanuts for larger, heavier items.

4. Poor box labeling

Adding labels to your moving boxes makes it easier to identify its contents. The problem is, most people do it the wrong way. When labeling moving boxes, always use a white sticker and a black ink marker. Ideally, the size of the label should be at least 2 inches in height and should contain a list of the items inside the box. Always place the label on the side of the box so you’ll know what’s inside even if the boxes are stacked on top of each other.

5. Leaving empty spaces in the box

While we don’t recommend overpacking your boxes, you also don’t want any empty space inside the box. Empty spaces means your items will shift back and forth during transport which can end up damaging fragile items. If you can’t fill in between the spaces with additional items, use packing peanuts instead. Packing peanuts offer a layer of cushioning to protect your belongings from moving and shifting while in transition.

Packing Mistakes


6. Using plastic bags and not boxes

Some people use plastic bags when they run out of moving boxes. This is a terrible idea since plastic bags don’t offer any kind of protection for your items. If you’ve run out of boxes, you can head to a local supermarket and ask for old liquor boxes or food boxes. Stores usually give them away for free so make sure to take advantage of that and avoid using plastic bags at all costs.

7. Packing on the last minute

Last-minute packing is one of the worst things you can do when moving house. Aside from frantically jamming everything inside moving boxes, you may even come up late on your moving schedule. As they say, haste makes waste and this is certainly true with packing. You should start packing a week in advance and secure your essentials like toiletries, emergency kits, and other essentials in a separate box leading up to the move.

8. Not using enough tape

Regular tape won’t do a good job of holding your boxes together. Instead, use high-quality packing tape that’s 2-inches wide. Start from the bottom by adding 2-3 layers of tape and do the same for the sides for additional stability. Most professional movers use the “H-tape” method where they tape the middle of the flaps as well as its sides. Follow this approach and your moving boxes will stay closed and secure throughout the entire move.

9. Not decluttering before packing

Before you start packing, it’s a good idea to get rid of items that you don’t need like old clothes, damaged/broken furniture, and other unnecessary items. Better yet, you can donate them to charity where they can be put to greater use. You don’t want to bring any sort of clutter into your new home so make sure to declutter first to make packing much easier.

10.Doing it on your own

Don’t hesitate to ask for help when packing your belongings. Packing isn’t a one-man job and it requires a team effort to facilitate the process. The more people you can ask for assistance, the easier and less stressful the packing will be.

If friends and family aren’t available, you can always hire a professional removalist company in Perth to do all of the work for you. It’s convenient, it’s hassle-free, and the best part is you get to sit back and relax throughout the entire process.

By avoiding these 10 packing mistakes, you’ll be able to reduce the stress that comes with moving house and ensure a successful relocation altogether.